Car Nicobar, Nov. 11: The two days Training camp for the Physical Education Teachers of Car Nicobar Concluded today. The Master trainers Mohd. Iqbal and Ahmad Ali conducted the Workshop. Apart from  theory and Practical classes, special session on the judgement Methodologies of Yoga Competitions was also conducted. The trainees were asked to promote yoga in their respective schools, as it has been directed by the ministry to include Yoga in the Sports Curriculum of the schools.

Shri Mohd Iqbal Senior master trainer told that the all the teachers from the different schools of the region have participated enthusiastically in this workshop. These teachers are asked to conduct Yoga classes and competitions in their respective schools, and encourage students to practice it at home as a routine. Yoga competitions are also included in the forth coming State Sports Games. One participant Shri Thompson told that this camp very useful, and he learnt the rules of judging the yoga competition, which he was not aware of earlier. Now he can train the students with the competition point of view also.

The trainers will proceed to Nancowry and Campbellbay  to conduct similar camps. These trainers have already covered the North and Middle Andaman and around 80 Physical Education Teachers have been trained about the Judgement Techniques.