First Time Ever Intersex Surgery Successfully Conducted In The Islands 
Port Blair, June 29: The 29th of June 2010 will be recorded in the history of the health services in the islands. It is for the first time ever that an Intersex (True Hermaphrodite) surgery was performed on a 15 year old kid at Port Blair’s G.B. Pant Hospital. 
The 15 year old kid was brought to the GB Pant Hospital presenting with complaints of abnormal opening in the undersurface of the penis between the penis & scrotum and the right undescended testis since birth. 
An investigation was done in the case which included USG of abdomen & KUB (Kidney Ureter & Bladder) and Karyotyping 46xy chromosomes. The investigative findings revealed Hypoplastic uterus with right sided ova-testis & left Hypoplastic ovary and Penoscrotal Hypospadias with severe chordae. 
After the tests and findings of the kid, Doctor Saji Varghese MS, M.Ch (Pediatric Surgeon) and team attached to GB Pant Hospital under the Directorate of Health Services, A&N Islands performed a five and a half hour surgery on the kid today. The operation is said to be a success with the kid reacting normally. 
Today’s surgery has not only created a history in the islands’ health sector but also has given hope to many such cases who out of ignorance, poverty, shyness or non availability of specialists doctors in the islands have never approached the hospital. The islanders congratulate the Directorate of Health Services and hope that the Directorate would arrange for many such complex surgeries with the help of experienced and efficient doctors in the days to come.