Port Blair, Aug. 11: The newly established party ‘Trinamool Congress’ under the leadership of Shri Manoranjan Bhakta, Ex Member of parliament organized its first ever public meeting on 10th July 2010. The meeting was organized at Wimberlygunj at 5.15 pm, which was attended by a large gathering of party supporters and general public. 
The meeting in which leaders who had left the Bharatiya Janata Party and Congress expressed themselves. The leaders explained the reason for their resigning from the respective parties and the need for bringing in Trinamool Congress in the islands. 
The speakers were of the opinion that it was a long felt need of the people of the islands, where they could stand together in a common platform and work for the development of the islands. 
“Trinamool”, with its slogan Ma, Mathi and Manus was the only solution for the islands, where the bureaucratic rule has strangled democracy itself. Trinamool is a party of the common man and believes in respecting mother, land and the common man whose voice is never heard. 
Among the leaders who addressed the meeting were, Shri Shyam Singh Yadav, Shri Girish N. Raju, Shri R. Raja Gopal, Mrs. Rupa Ray, Shri Vidya Prakash Krishna, Shri C. Kalimuthu, Shri Ram Babu and the acting president of the party Shri Biswajit Lahiri. The meeting was also attended by Shri Madan Pal Singh, Shri Sanjay Choudhury, Shri Mangal Singh, Shri Arun Singh Malik, Shri Papachan, Shri G. Paramashivam, Shri Akshay Pant, Shri Sukumar Mondal, Shri Saha and Shri Bowmick.