Demand For Immediate Supply of LPG, Petrol, Kerosene Oil 
Car Nicobar, Aug. 17: In what can be said as a rarest of the rare events that happened in the tribal island of Carnicobar, a group of more than 200 tribal villagers gathered together at the Deputy Commissioner’s Office on 13th August 2010 demanding for immediate relief. 
Car Nicobar Island has been suffering from acute shortage of electricity, LPG Cylenders, and Kerosene Oil since more than three months. Inspite of repeated requests from the tribal villagers, the Administration has been keeping mum in the matter, being well aware of the humble and submissive nature of the tribals. 
Speaking to Andaman Chronicle, a villager after participating in the agitation in front of the Deputy Commissioner’s Office said, “Our villagers have been living in darkness since more than two months and the Deputy Commissioner here has been keeping quite in the matter for reasons best known to him”. 
“We don’t have power, LPG cylenders and kerosene oil to cook. We also do not have petrol and diesel for our vehicles but no one is bothered. The situation has worsened so much that we have to cook using firewood and our children are not able to study during the evenings”.
“The most astonishing part is that there is regular power in the Head Quarter area where the Deputy Commissioner and other senior officers of the Administration live. And the villages are left to remain in darkness. It is not that LPG cylinders do not arrive in Car Nicobar. They are supplied regularly to the Defence people living in the Air Force Station and to the senior officers of the Administration. If the Administration can supply LPG Cylinders and regular power to the Officers and the Defence, why are they ignoring us”?
“Although we have raised our voice together infront of the Deputy Commissioner, but we are not at all hopeful that our genuine demands would be met”, added the villager.