Port Blair, Aug. 28: Dr P Vijayachari, Director, RMRC has been invited by the WHO to facilitate the training workshop and to extend technical support for establishing reference laboratory in Institute of Vector Reservoir Control, Research and Development (IVRCRD), National Institute of Health Research and Development Centre, Salatiga, Republic of Indonesia.

RMRC is designated by the WHO as its Collaborating Centre for Diagnosis, Research, Reference and Training in Leptospirosis with one of the terms of reference to serve as a referral and training centre on leptospirosis and coordinate network of letospirosis reference laboratories in endemic countries of the South-East Asia Region (SEAR). RMRC has been extending support for further strengthening laboratory and diagnostic facilities to the countries in SEAR as well as other parts of the country and world.

Earlier the RMRC has been instrumental in establishing reference laboratories in Sri Lanka and Bhutan. This is the third country in the series for establishing the reference laboratory as per the mandate and terms of reference of WHO.

In this connection Dr P Vijayachari and Mr Vimal Raj, Research Scholar will be visiting Indonesia to provide technical assistance and train the clinicians, microbiologists/ biotechnologists, epidemiologists and laboratory technologists at IVRCRD.

The in house training is scheduled from 29th August to 7th Sept, 2012 which is sponsored by the WHO.