Port Blair, Sept. 26: The Hon'ble Lt. Governor, Andaman & Nicobar Islands has accorded approval for implementation of the scheme "Air subsidy to stretcher patients" in this Union Territory with immediate effect.

The scheme has been formulated to help the stretcher patients of the general public (excluding Govt. servants and their dependents) who need air evacuation to mainland for super specialized treatment, not available at GB Pant Hospital, Port Blair. The air subsidy shall be extended to stretcher patient towards the amount of air fare paid/payable by the patient for evacuation from the island, on referral, in excess of the airfare for single seat. In addition subsidy shall also be provided for purchase of bunk class return tickets by ship for patient and the concerned attendant(s), as the case may be.


To be eligible, a patient must be:

               A resident of Andaman & Nicobar islands with a family income up to Rs. 3.00 lakh per annum; and

              A non-Govt. Servant; and

              Not dependant on any Govt. Servant; and

               Referred by a Specialist of the G.B. Pant hospital to a main land Super specialty hospital by Air, as a stretcher patient, duly Certified by the Medical Superintendent, G.B. Pant Hospital and countersigned by the Director of Health Services.

Clarification: Pensioners will be eligible for assistance under the scheme.


 (i)           Air evacuation will be allowed for patients requiring emergency treatment only, not available in the islands, and which will be certified by concerned Specialist, Medical Superintendent, G B Pant Hospital and the Director of Health Services. No elective surgery cases will be referred by air.

 (ii)          Patients will be referred to the Government/Government empanelled hospitals only.

 (iii)         Air evacuation will not be allowed for follow up treatment.


In case of stretcher patients, Air India charges 6 times basic fares (including one time tax) against offering 9 seats to the patients. In addition, it charges lowest available air fare for each accompanying attendant.

Hence, financial assistance under the scheme will be provided for purchase of air fares from Air India;

1.             5 times basic fares for the patients

2.             One/Two lowest available fare for one/two attendant(s), as the case may be, as per advice of referring specialist

However, in urgent cases of evacuation by air, when Air India flights/tickets are unavailable, financial assistance would be provided for purchase of air tickets in private airline flights. Presently, private airlines charge 9 basic fares (plus maximum of four times tax) for the patients and up to 03 attendants.

In case of urgent travel by private airlines as aforesaid, the financial assistance will be limited to:-

               08 basic fares (plus maximum of two times tax) for one/two attendants as per advice of referring Specialist.

Clarification: One fare for the patient each to be borne by the patient or his/her family.

Financial assistance will also be provided for purchase of bunk class return tickets by ship for patient and one/two attendant(s), as the case may be.


The procedure for assistance shall be as follows:-

(a) The patient or his/her attendant should apply for financial assistance, in the prescribed form, to the Medical Superintendent, GB Pant Hospital, Port Blair along with original referral papers.

 (b) Medical Superintendent, GB Pant Hospital will forward the application, along with recommendation and referral papers, to the Director of Health Services. Based on recommendation of Director of Health Services, sanction of the assistance will be accorded by Secretary (Health), A & N Administration.

 (c) A letter of credit will be issued to ANIIDCO by Director of Health Services for providing air tickets on credit basis to the patient and attendant(s).

 (d) The return bunk class ship tickets for the patient and the concerned one/two attendants shall be reimbursed by the Director of Health Services on production of the tickets after return from mainland.

In case of emergency, where it is not possible to get formal approval/purchase tickets from authorized agency, viz ANIIDCO, on referral, the patient and his attendant(s) may proceed to the mainland, through their own funds. In such cases:-

 (i) The permissible air fare will be reimbursed to the party concerned by the Directorate of Health Services, after obtaining ex-post facto approval from the competent authority, provided that all other conditions of eligibility are fulfilled,

 (ii) The amount of reimbursement will be restricted to the extent mentioned under the heading Nature of Assistance