Port Blair, Oct. 7:  Breast Cancer Awareness Camp is an annual campaign that takes place every October in the world in order to increase awareness of breast cancer. During the month, information and support is offered to those who are affected by breast cancer. In addition, the awareness month provides an opportunity to remind women to be breast aware for earlier detection of cancer. Cancer is not a single disease with a single type of treatment.

There are more than 200 different kinds of cancer, each with its own name and treatment. The earlier a cancer is found, the more likely it is that treatment will be successful. Knowing what changes to look for and when to see your General Physician could make a real difference.

On the occasion of Breast Cancer Awareness Camp conducted by A&N Private Practicing Doctors Association, Dr. Ritika Gupta, spoke at length how to detect, self examination etc. She said that Mammograms can detect breast cancer early, nearly 2 years before a woman can feel a breast lump and is asked to visit the doctor. Straight away if you notice a lump or other changes in your breast (s), don’t worry needlessly about breast cancer.

If you are over age 40, schedule a screening mammogram. Learn, and do regular breast self exam. Although most breast lumps are not cancerous (benign), they still need to be checked carefully to rule out the possibility of cancer. She further explained about other less common signs of breast cancer, which may be a change in the size or shape of a breast, dimpling of the skin on the breast, thickening in the breast tissue, a nipple becoming inverted (turned in), a lump or thickening behind the nipple, a rash (like eczema) affecting the nipple, a swelling or lump in the armpit and blood discharge from the nipple. Pain in the breast is not usually a symptom of breast cancer, but it can occur. Cancer can be treated in different ways depending on what type of cancer it is, where it is in the body and whether it has spread.

Dr. Krishna Saha, spoke regarding cervical cancer and said there is a need to educate young women about breast feeding and asked to create awareness against early marriage below the age of 18 years.

Dr. (Sr) Meena Mary, Gynecologist also spoke about being aware. She said that a diagnosis of cancer can have an impact on many areas of your life, both during and after treatment.  Get information and practical advice to help you cope with issues ranging from side effects of treatment and talking about cancer to managing your finances. Annual breast exams by a health care provider are an important complement to mammograms. Breast self-exam is an easy way for a woman to detect any early breast changes. Treatment for early stage breast cancer involves surgery that spares the breast. Survival rate for women with treatment for early-stage breast cancer is 96%.

On the occasion lady doctors examined cases and one suspected case was detected. She was advised routine check up.

Speaking on the occasion Dr Rohindra Lal, President, ANIPPDA, said it is the joint team effort of association to spread awareness of the camp. He said that more such multidisciplinary and multi specialty camps would be conducted in rural areas with the help of association members.

Concluding the camp, Dr. Dinesh, General Secretary, thanked the association members and participants for making the first project a success.