Port Blair, Oct. 4: On receiving information that 62 boys and girls of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands were stranded in Delhi upon being frauded by a fake company, Lt. General (Retd) Bhopinder Singh, PVSM, AVSM, the Lt. Governor A & N Islands immediately ordered for rescuing them and to provide boarding and lodging facilities and to arrange their transportation back to the Islands. Consequently the Deputy Resident Commissioner, posted at Delhi swung into action and with the assistance of local police brought the 22 girls to Andaman Bhawan and arranged a hotel for the boys.  In the mean time, administration has transferred sufficient money to the Resident Commissioner’s office at Delhi to meet out their expenses and efforts are being made to get a special coach in the train to bring them back via Chennai.  The details of the   rescued children are as under:

Sl.No      Name     Father’s name      Resident of

1.             Anup Topno          Sukram Topno     Hut Bay, Little Andaman

2.             Rajes Kujur           Late Philip Kujur  Hut Bay, Little Andaman

3.             Sukru Munda        Bull Munda           Hut Bay, Little Andaman

4.             K Gopala Krishna                K Kamaiah            Hut Bay, Little Andaman

5.             Sandeep Minj       Tarcius Minj          Hut Bay, Little Andaman

6.             Ejranuthan            John Tigga            Hut Bay, Little Andaman

7.             Wilson Xaxa         Nirmal Xaxa         Hut Bay, Little Andaman

8.             Nehmisa Barla     Lucas Barla          Hut Bay, Little Andaman

9.             Pratap Lakra         Egnesh Lakra       Hut Bay, Little Andaman

10.          Babit Kanchan Topno         Soma Topno        Hut Bay, Little Andaman

11.          Privank Dung Dung            Cyril Dung Dung  Hut Bay, Little Andaman

12.          Ethris Guria           Raju Guria             Hut Bay, Little Andaman

13.          Kishor Kerketta    Samuel Kerketta  Hut Bay, Little Andaman

14.          K. Krishna Rao     K. Appalnaidu      Hut Bay, Little Andaman

15.          G Appal Swamy   Suryanarayana    Hut Bay, Little Andaman

16.          Ram       Late Bona Munda                Carbyns Chowk , Port Blair

17.          Pradeep Lakra     Habil Lakra           Namuna Ghar, Port Blair

18.          Sanjay Ram          Kaleswar Ram     Saitan Khari, Port Blair

19.          Sajit Kr. Kerketta  Anjor Kerketta      Dolly Gunj, Port Blair

20.          Duthy Katchap     Shibu Katchap     Dolly Gunj, Port Blair

21.          Godwin Barla       Paul Barla             Dolly Gunj, Port Blair

22.          Anand Kiro            Alvis Kiro               Dolly Gunj, Port Blair

23.           Deepika Kinda    Krestopher            R.R. Station, Saitan Khari, Port Blair

24.          Punit Poonam Ekka            Yishudas Ekka     Mitha Khari , Port Blair

25.          Suralene Topno   Sahay Topno        Bahadur Line, Port Blair

26.          Reshma Kerketta Alois Kerketta       Muthura, Wimberly Gunj

27.          Manju Kujur          Late John Kujur   Namuna Ghar, Port Blair

28.          Preeti Sosan Kujur              Late Pascal Kujur                Garacharma, Port Blair

29.          Chander Muni      Birsa Kerketta       Brookshabad, Port Blair

30.          Mangri   Sukra Uraon         Brookshabad, Port Blair

31.          Chariya Kumari   Sukra Uraon         Brookshabad, Port Blair

32.          Rajni Pushpa Xalxo            Silvester Xalxo     Manar Ghat, Port Blair

33.          Jaya Kumar          Late Chaitu Majhi                Manar Ghat, Port Blair

34.          Manjula Bara        W/o Fedrick Beck Webi, Mayabunder

35.          Hemlata Xalxo     Late Joachim Xalxo            Bazar, Diglipur

36.          Nikel Xalxo           Late Joachim Xalxo            Bazar, Diglipur

37.          Mary Manju Toppo              Nistor Toppo         Kalara Jun, Diglipur

38.          Salmi Tirkey         Late Marcus Tirkey              R K Gram, Diglipur

39.          Joti Minj Pitter Minj              Kishori Nagar, Diglipur

40.          Lakkhan Bhavania              Mangal Bhavania                Kishori Nagar, Diglipur

41.          Anand Kumar Ekka             Lues Ekka             Kishori Nagar, Diglipur

42.          Anand Kumar Tirkey           Rimish Tirkey       Baratang, Middle Andaman

43.          Rosita Xalxo         Sulaiman Xalxo   Baratang, Middle Andaman

44.          Alphonse Panna  Camil Panna        Mayabunder

45.          Mohit Kr, Beck      Bernard Kr. Beck Mayabunder

46.          Samir Sorang       Egnesius Sorang Mayabunder

47.          Vikas Tete             Victor Tete             Mayabunder

48.          Johnson Kerketta                Junas Kerketta     Mayabunder

49.          Joseph Kerketta   Domnick Kerketta                Mayabunder

50.          Shabnam Mary Beck          Bernard Kr. Beck Mayabunder

51.          Christina Kujur     Silbanus Kujur     Mayabunder

52.          Bishnath Ram      Mangru Ram        School Line, Port Blair

53.          Pradeep Ekka      Lazrus Ekka          School Line, Port Blair

54.          Arun Barla             Tintus Barla          Haddo, Port Blair

55.          Abhinash Toppo  Benzamine Toppo              Manglutan, Port Blair

56.          Dipak Kumar Minj               Late Birsa Minj     Hasmatabad, Port Blair

57.          Jaiwant Pal Minj  Bimal Minj             Kodiyaghat, Port Blair

58.          Mahadev Katchap               Late Birsha Katchap           Manglutang, Port Blair

59.          Kuldeep Toppo    Helarus Toppo     Nayashahar, Port Blair

60.          Dhananjoy Majumdar        Deepak Majumdar              Manglutang, Port Blair

61.          Punnai Uraon       Mangra Uraon      Kadamtala, Middle Andaman

62.          Bhagvani               Patia Nag              Dairy Farm, Port Blair

These children had been offered jobs by a company called M/s ANIX Group, Indrapuram from Uttar Pradesh and the children had paid forty thousand rupees each for the same. It was on reaching Delhi that these children came to know that the company had played a fraud with them and they reported the matter to the local Police at Gaziabad, which registered the case. The company’s MD, Animesh Chowdhuary and Ms Farhana Firdous resident of Haddo have reportedly been arrested by Uttar Pradesh Police. Based on the information so received FIR has also been registered at Port Blair.