The January 2011 issue of Dream 2047 (a monthly journal published by Vigyan Prasar, an autonomous institution under DST GoI, based at Noida, UP) invites response on the topic : “Will it be possible to control global warming in the next 50 years” from its readers. The instant article is based on my response to the topic; dedicated to the readers of Andaman Chronicle.



Yes, there is lot we can do to help control global warming in the next 50 years. Strongest evidence is “the problem, its causes and consequences” has been identified which means we are already more than half done in the combat against global warming. Owing to tremendous research, there have been rapid advancements in almost all the technologies that are in use, in the form of increased efficiency and productivity.


Further our dependence on fossil fuel has reduced with the advent of new, renewable, non-conventional and nuclear power sources. Evolution of high efficiency CFL for lighting is a major step forward. White LED, TFT LCD LED OLED Screens, Solar PV, Dye Sensitised Solar Cells, Fuel cells, improved batteries, Second generation Biofuels etc are some of the technologies which have the potential to reduce power consumption leading to lowering of carbon foot print. Carbon Capture and Storage is another promising technology as far as controlling global warming is concerned.


Incorporation of Environmental Education in School Curriculum, Environment as a separate subject in UG courses, Green rating for buildings, Star rating for electrical appliances, phasing out of 2 stroke motorcycles/scooters, Implementation of Euro/BIS IV complainant engines etc are a few positive steps. More such environment friendly efforts are being made by governments on a global scale by individual countries to control global warming. The most important factor however would be how we as an individual complement the efforts made by the government.


None of the technological advancements is going to yield result until we accept our responsibility and change our life style. We already know, we need to consume less, drive less, use energy efficient devices, switch off electrical appliances when not in use, construct building so as to allow natural light and air, keep our vehicles tuned, maintain A/C’s at 22-23 deg Celsius. What is now required is to rise to the occasion and start following those norms from now onwards.


I used to insist, instead of waiting for the last child to switching off fans and lights, from now onwards who ever leaves the class room first, it shall be his/her duty to switch off the fans and lights. The entire classroom monitors whether the first child attended to his duty or defaults. Every child is involved, there is no defaulter now, precious energy is saved in return.


Such small individual steps make a big difference when compounded together. We are the one who accelerated global warming and if not controlled, we are going to get affected. The onus is therefore on us to halt global warming. 50 years is ample time, let us resolve to contribute towards reducing our carbon foot print; that’s how we would ensure that our future generation gets to live in an environment that we inherited from our ancestors, pristine. Lets begin, we can do it.


 DEBKUMAR BHADRA, Technical Officer-I, Multiparametric Geophysical Observatory, IIG, Shoal Bay No-8, South Andaman-744206, Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.