Besides photographs , would it not be nice to take back sweet memories from Andaman. People like to associate their vacation with Souvenirs. It’s always nice to take back something with you which represents the place , for oneself or as a gift for family and friends. Souvenirs play a silent but vital role in promoting tourism.



Souvenirs have not been given much importance till date in A&N. It’s time to wake up and give the tourist something associated with the Islands. They should be specific to the place and not something which one can also find in the local markets of Kolkatta or Chennai. It should be sophisticated and elegant enough to attract domestic as well as international tourist.


Some examples –


? Message in a bottle - a small glass bottle filled with a bit of local sand and a scroll inserted which says” Love from Andaman” or “ Memories of Andaman”.

? A colorful gift pack consisting of scented candles / locally made diyas decorated with sea shells along with something significant to A&N written on drift wood.

? An anchor made of local wood with Andaman inscribed on it would make a lovely showpiece.

? Small pieces of drift wood artistically mounted on a wooden base with A&N written on the base.

? Miniature Replica of the cellular jail or the tsunami memorial column etc would make a good souvenier.


A&N T-shirts are a good buy. I personally would recommend the T-shirts which are sold at the Anthropological Museum.


These are just some ideas , I am sure if one puts their mind to it a whole new wave of products could be developed and promoted keeping tourism in mind.