Port Blair, April 3:  A new tourist vessel named ‘Coastal Cruise’ was launched today by the management of Coastal Seaways (Island) Pvt. Ltd. The cruise boat will be plying between Port Blair-Havelock and Neil Island to ease the journey for the tourists.

Announcing the launch of the vessel, Shri Atib Azeem, one of the Directors of the company said that the vessel can ply at a speed of 29 nautical miles. It would reach Neil Island in 40 Minutes while the time to reach Havelock is 45 Minutes from Port Blair.

The Cruise has two decks comprising of four different classes. The Executive Class in the lower deck has 90 seats along with a Lounge Class of 54 Seats. In the upper deck there are Premier Class with 45 seats and a Coastal Class with 29 seats. The vessel also has a food kiosk, televisions and other facilities for the comfort of the passengers. The Cruise will be led by the Captain of the vessel Shri Padmanabhan, a well experienced Master who has sailed in the island waters for more than 30 years.

As of now, there is no announcement of any concession for the islanders. It would be announced in due course of time, said the Director. The vessel built in the year 1987 has been purchased from Singapore, the cost of which was not announced.