Car Nicobar, March 13: The ongoing Hero Asian Cycling Championship at Delhi has seen yet another superb performance of the Islands star cyclist Deborah. A resident of the Kakana village of Car Nicobar, Deborah demonstrated her skills and commitment to perfection and bagged silver medal for the country. Soon after the news reached to her village, jubilations started on her achievement. People started greeting each other with sweets. One young Engineer of the village Mr. Great Heart told the reporter, that Deborah made us feel proud. He said that the story of Deborah is the story of sheer determination and hard work. Being optimistic, he said that the best is yet to come from the immensely talented cyclist.

Mr. Samuel Edward, the son of the legendary Ex- Captain of the Kakana Late Shri Edward Kuchart, said that the Tsunami Survivor girl has emerged as Champion, leaving behind the miserable dreadful past of her childhood days. He informed that on Sunday Deborah’s grandmother died at Kakana, whom she loved so much. But she didn’t let the grief to put her down, rather she made it her strength, for the crucial final which was scheduled on Monday against the mighty Korean opponent. Playing for the country is the proudest moment for any Sportsperson, and she too had to do justice with her responsibility, Samuel said.

The Cycling coach Mr. Suvendhu Sen Gupta is very much impressed with her show in this prestigious Championship. He told that that cyclist has been very consistent in her performance. She made her presence felt, clinching medals in all the last Championships, she played. The Country got to know about her when she created history by setting a new record in the National Cycling Championship held in December last year. Calling her a fearless cyclist he said that the girl is a find of the Sport Authority of India, when her talent was spotted in the Inter School Athletic meet held at Car Nicobar in 2010. She was very considerate to learn the skills in the training programs conducted by the SAI.  Sen Gupta is hopeful that the girl will get the Islanders many such joyous occasions with her outstanding performance in the championships to come.

Port Blair, March 12: Under National Programme for Control of Blindness, on the observance of “World Glaucoma Day” Fortnight on 12th March 2013, a Glaucoma Screening Programme was organized at Panchayat Hall, Guptapara on 12th March 2013 from 9.00 AM in association with Gram Panchayat, Guptapara to detect glaucoma cases.

The eye team headed by Dr (Mrs) Anita Shah, Ophthalmologist, G.B. Pant Hospital, Port Blair has examined 124 glaucoma suspect patients, of which 6 glaucoma cases were detected and referred to G.B. Pant Hospital for further investigation and management.

Apart from glaucoma cases, 16 cataract cases, 2 Ptergium, 70 refractive errors and other 30 other cases has been detected. The cataract cases and Ptergium cases has been referred to G.B. Hospital for surgery, whereas the other cases have been referred for further investigation and management. During the Programme, talks on eye care were been delivered with special focus on Glaucoma to create awareness amongst the public about prevention and control of Glaucoma.

Dr. Anita Shah on the occasion explained that Glaucoma is a silent disease and its affect is irreversible. It usually occurs in the age group of people above 40 years and the worst part is there is hardly any indication of the disease. The only solution is a regular eye check up to help stop vision loss, she said.

Dr. Shah further said that the disease is also known as ‘Kala Motia’ but unlike Cataract the vision loss cannot be regained.   

The programme was started with welcome address by Shri. Shyam Shanker, Pradhan, Gram Panchayat, Guptapara and concluded with vote of thanks proposed by Dr. H. Charles, Chief Medical Officer, PHC Manglutang.

To make the camp a great success, the PRIs and Staffs of PHC Mangluang extended their full cooperation. Eye testing machines were also brought to the camp for screening the patients.

Port Blair, March 12: A dead body of a male was found opposite to Hotel Shalimar at Delanipur. The body has been identified to be of one Fakir Mohammed. It is learnt that the body was found in a decomposing state by the general public who informed the police later.