Direct Cash Disbursement to Students Allowed for Educational Kits under RTE

Port Blair, May 9: The Administration has accepted the demand of the Member of Parliament, Shri Bishnu Pada Ray regarding the distribution of Educational Kits to the students under Right to Education Act.

In the recently held meeting convened by the Chief Secretary, the MP had suggested that cash should directly be given to the students to purchase the kits, instead of supplying them through tender process. Direct cash disbursement would not only ensure transparency and fairness but would eliminate the chances of corruption as well. Another reason he stated was that the tender process would cause delay.

The Chief Secretary and the higher officers were impressed with the suggestion given by the MP and assured him that the distribution of the kits would be done as suggested by Shri Ray. Earlier expressing his opinion, in the meeting, the Director of Education said that it would be better if the kits are supplied to the students, following tender process.   

Under the provisions defined by the Right to Education Act, free Educational Kits comprising Note books, Geometry boxes, School bags etc; are to be distributed to the Students.