Instances of robbery, chain snatching and other such crimes have increased multifold as India witnesses a rise in the incidence of chain snatching, robbery and murders.


Cases of chain snatching and robberies have increased, especially against elderly citizen in the city. An RTI application filed in Nagpur indicated that the streets that have reported most cases of robberies and chain snatching, had the least number of bike-borne Charlie Commandos patrolling the streets. The idea of Charlie commandos patrolling the streets on bikes was implemented in Nagpur around three years ago.



The report suggested that the police don’t find it important to place more Charlie commandos on the streets that are affected more by such crimes resulting in increase in cases of robbery and chain snatching.


It’s of little surprise hence to find a surge in nakabandis throughout the city of late with policemen flagging down motorcyclists, in particular, to note details to rule out chainsnatchers.


Last year, a 56-year-old woman was murdered and robbed in her Versova apartment where she lived with her husband. The husband had gone out for a few domestic errands when the incidence took place. Apparently, it was the garbage picker who killed her when she had come out of her house to give garbage to him. He attacked her with a sharp weapon and took all gold she was wearing and tried to flee. Along with the garbage picker, the watchman and other two suspects had been arrested in this case.


Another incidence of robbery and murder of an elderly woman was also reported earlier this month. In this case, an 88-year-old woman was murdered in her Malad home and robbed of cash and gold worth Rs 4.5 lakh.


Other than that, 140 grams of gold ornaments and Rs. 35,000 cash were also missing from the house. Her body was found by her daughter when she came home at night. A former employee of victim’s daughter was arrested from Rajasthan, where he had fled after the murder and apparently, he has confessed to the crime. The accused worked at the victim’s daughter’s sugarcane juice centre in September last.


Reportedly, the employee had left the job because of some dispute and had conspired to rob and kill the woman as he knew that the elderly stayed alone at the house most of the time.


Crime involving robbery and chain snatching has increased multifold in the city. And, the elderly, especially those living alone make the softest targets for these robbers. And, in most of the cases, the manpower the elderly hire as help are generally the one involved in crimes against them.


In five years and nine months since 2007, in all 40 senior citizens, aged around 60 and above, have been murdered across the city. More disturbing is the news that instead of getting any better, the numbers are only rising every year. Compared to the increasing crime rate, the conviction rate is almost shameful. There have only been only two convictions so far and both came this year for killings in 2010 and 2011.


The records for the entire state show nothing better. According to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) report that came out this September, Maharashtra is third among states with 1,679 senior citizens killed in five years since 2007.


The number of senior citizens murdered has only doubled to six in one year in 2008. And, it has been rising every year since, till it touched 10 in 2011.


In September 2012, an elderly lady was murdered in her Ghatkopar flat when she was alone at her home. It was reported that robbery was the motive behind the killing and house help was reported to be the suspect in the case. After the Ghatkopar case, three more cases of senior citizen being murdered in different part of the city were reported in that month itself.


Even though the NCRB report suggests the detection rate in crime against elderly has been minimal, police have been reported saying that out of 40 cases of senior citizen murder since 2007, they have ‘solved’ 31 cases and 27 cases are at the trial stage.




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