The busy architect picked up his ringing phone, ““Yes Father?” he asked, “What can I do for you?”

“I am in a fix,” said the worried voice of the priest.

And as I heard of state governments all over the country, calling migrant workers back, industrialists paying advances and promising them big bucks, builders even flying them back, I wondered whether the migrant worker had now got his rightful place in the sun, and imagined I was visiting them in their village. “Here’s your plane ticket!” I said as I along with my builder friend, showed him tickets for his family to return, “And we’ve also seen your little son gets a window seat to see the sky!”

With so many Zoom calls being made and many people wanting to speak on different subjects I find quite a few speakers trying to impress their audience with the kind of language they use, especially in using high sounding Sashi Tharoor words.

A friend used the word ‘malodorous’ in his speech the other day.

Grandma, lying in her comfortable bed heard her door opening, “Hello grandma!” said her teenage granddaughter as she swept into the room.

“Hello my dear girl!” said grandma, “How nice of you to see me today! I missed you yesterday!”

“Oh grandma, I had such fun yesterday!”

The watchman outside my gate was fast asleep. He was old, and wanting to return to his village, “We need to change the watchman!” I said as I glanced wearily from my window at his sleeping form.