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Names of Best Teachers Award Recipients Missing


Apropos your news item titled “LG gives away best teacher award to 17 teachers on the occasion of Teachers Day” carried in the September 7th issue of Andaman Chronicle, it is observed the news report running more than 300 words, narrated every detail of the Teachers Day celebration but missed names of those who received Best Teachers Award on the occasion from the Hon’ble Lt Governor. Ideally those 17 teachers and 9 different educational zones awarded for their performance, dedication and commitment towards their profession [sic] should have been accorded a special mention in the report. But surprisingly none of those awardees teachers featured anywhere in the otherwise detailed news item.

I believe publishing names of those 17 teachers and 9 different educational zones awarded by the Hon’ble Lt Governor on the occasion of teacher’s day would be a fitting tribute to the teaching community.

Thanking You

Debkumar Bhadra

Shore Point, Bambooflat, S Andaman-744107

  • Written by Denis Giles
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Only ATM At Mayabunder Remains Out Or Order

There is a single SBI ATM in Mayabunder. It has not been working since last 15 days and the other ATM is at Billiground, a distance of 40 Kms from Mayabunder. As a result, the general public are suffering and literally crying. In case of emergency they are not able to withdraw money. Reliable sources informed me that there is a new machine lying idle, waiting to be installed. Through this letter I wish to bring to the notice of the competent authority on behalf of general public to solve this crisis at the earliest. 

Abdul Siddique,

Panchayat Samiti Member


  • Written by Denis Giles
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Where are the Security Guards?

Everyone has been visiting our one & only Sahara - G B Pant Hospital. We can see the entrance gate of the GBP Hospital occupied by Auto Walas and other Private Vehicles.

24 hr many emergency cases like accident/ serious patient/ doctors on emergency call comes to Hospital, but the ONLY Enterance Gate is occupied by these auto walas who instead of being provided the auto stand  keep their autos, Moreover all the vehicles directly comes to the gate let it be the OPD Patient or the visitors.

The hospital has more than approx 20 security guards sitting idle on the benches, they are least bothered to help the needy patients, which you all could have seen. The guards at the entrance gate are not bothered about the seriousness of the vehicle coming to the Hospital, any delay can cause severe danger to the patient's life, because a delay of second can take Life.

Only Vehicle with the Causality/ Serious Patient/ Ambulance and Doctor’s Vehicle should be allowed till Gate. Rest of the vehicles to be stopped before Entrance Gate and keep the road free for Vehicles.

The Traffic Police has also been posted there for smooth traffic flow, but in vain. If the person violating the rule is challaned and if the Security Guard stops all the vehicles before the entrance a smooth functioning of traffic can be done. A notice board can also be displayed.

I hope the Director DHS will immediately take necessary action, because it is said – “Prevention is better than cure”.

Hament Kumar Dhingra

Goal Ghar

Port Blair.

  • Written by Denis Giles
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