The rules & regulations are being imposed/ planned to be imposed on our profession, are directly going to affect the health care cost to our patients. Clinical Establishment Act will not let any doctor with limited resources practice medicine comfortably. Running our clinics in accordance with the provisions of this Act will mean having fully equipped clinics like Nursing Homes etc. and therefore, the cost of treatment or stabilization of any kind of emergencies will increase manifold. 

Introduction of NCHRH Bill-2011 is going to affect our  medical practice  as the National Commission for Human Resources in Health (NCHRH) so formed will be a superarching body on all the Councils of medical profession, which clearly means that the powers of Medical Council of India, Dental Council, Pharmacist Council and Nursing Council etc. will be lost and all these will be governed by the proposed Commission which will be managed by the nominees of the Government and not by elected persons of  the medical profession.

Restoration of democratic set up of MCI is very important so that our working & medical education can be controlled by only medical graduates. Any further attempt to take away our autonomy needs to be opposed now with our full might.

The Central Working Committee of IMA discussed all the issues of the medical profession with great concern at its 207th meeting held at Mumbai, on April 22, 2012 and it was decided to Protest against this rules and regulation to be imposed or planned to be imposed.

All the Private Doctors of Andaman & Nicobar Islands had protested today. However all private clinics was kept open for the benefit of the patients coming from far flung islands. Dr. B. Shanmugam, Pediatrician & (Retd) DHS of Shanmugam Clinic, Dr. Rohinder Lall, Ophthalmologist of Rohin’s Eye Hospital, Dr. Sudeep Chakravorthy of Chakravorthy Hospital, Dr. (Mrs) Krishna Saha of Aastha Clinic, Dr. A.P. Bharadwaj, Pediatrician of Chirayu Health Care also opposed the clinical establishment act.


Secretary, IDA(Indian Dental Association) Andaman & Nicobar Islands