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Made In India..!

The small fan I’d bought just three months back, made a series of grunts and came to a grinding halt. With much experience, having travelled in Mumbai locals, I whipped out a comb, inserted it into the grill and turned the blade, but unlike the success I’d had in those old trains, these fanblades refused to move. Disappointed, I called my driver and told him to take it to the electrician. He came back in ten minutes, “Made in China fan sir! Electrician says it can’t be repaired!”

It had hardly lasted three months and had gone kaput! Today, I see more of such products coming from our great neighbor,fading away shamelessly without a whimper.

A few years ago, while shopping in Hong Kong, I decided to buy myself a colourful cardigan. I found one, it was a Tommy Hilfiger and paid quite a price for it. While unpacking, back home in India, I turned the sweater inside out to see where it had been made and wasn’t I pleasantly surprised to see a ‘Made in India’ label?

“Jai Hind!” I whispered proudly.

And more and more am I seeing our label throughout the world. While in America at the beginning of this year, I bought a coloured mug and found I was taking home what had been made at home! I smiled and felt proud, our products were now good enough to be sold in high end retail stores!

And as I handle the cardigan and mug today, I think of their manufacturing factories where they’veobviously kept strict adherence to quality; no compromises in finish, good grade raw materials, disciplined workers and strict supervision, all culminating in world class products.

Today we export Yoga to the world. There’s no doubt in the qualitative difference it makes in the lives of individuals; reducing stress, calming troubled minds, healing illnesses and bringing peace and stillness in chaotic situations.

The world loves this Made in India product and turns to India with smiles of gratitude, many even coming across the ocean to visit the source, the factory where this wonderful product is being manufactured.But do they see such tranquility and calm here?

Just as the factory which makes a quality product reveals a high degree of excellence, does our nation show the same calm, peace and stillness yoga reveals?

Shouldn’t it?

As exporters of a meditative process that has already got for itself a day assigned for it, let our nation too show the world those same characteristics of understanding, tolerance, lack of prejudice, patience and quiet,Yoga brings.

I hold aloft the cardigan and mug with pride and hope, and pray that soon I will also hold to the world the calm and peace that exists in our land, which we export under the label, Made in India..! 

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