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DC Nicobar to Launch New logo for ‘Integrated Tribal Development Project’

Car Nicobar, Aug 13: Integrated Tribal Development Project, Car Nicobar has been working for the welfare of the Nicobarese population of the Andaman and Nicobar islands. It has executed various projects such as construction of community halls, community toilets, roads among others across the Nicobar District and Harminder Bay.

On the eve of the 73rd Independence Day, the Deputy Commissioner, Nicobars cum Chairperson of the Integrated Tribal Development Agency, Dr Monica Priyadarshini will launch the new logo of ITDP.

The logo was designed for ITDP by interns of the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, who visited Nicobar and interacted with the tribal artisans and the tu-het leaders.

The logo represents the various aspects of the life of Nicobarese, which are explained as follows:

The hut represents the traditional Nicobari hut, many of which were found across the islands before the tsunami and of which very few are left. The Nicobari hut, serves as a reminder of the efforts that Nicobarese put in their endeavours.

The people in the logo signify the traditional local governance of the Nicobarese. Each island has a Tribal Council and each village has a village council with Headmen. The local governance system has stood the test of time for many years.

The initials of ITDP artistically serve as the pillars of the hut. This sheds light on the role played by ITDP and the Administration in supporting the culture, traditions and way of life of the Nicobarese.

The hudi, which is another cultural icon of life here and in which races are held annually, serves as the vessel which progressively carries forward life in Nicobars. The dots of ITDP are to be seen as the rowers of the hudi.

The bottom portion highlights the magnificent sea that surrounds the islands. The sea is a provider to the Nicobarese and is the arena where the prestigious hudi races are held.