With patriotism being questioned, sedition being defined and slogans being the criteria for motherland loyalty, we may have a confused people in the country: My daughter, who stands at attention when the national anthem is played even on TV for the cricket team, stopped me at the door while I was leaving, “You can’t dress like this dad! Very unpatriotic!” she exclaimed pulling the tie of my neck, making me wince with pain.

She was short, squat and dowdy, and as I ran to join the group of tourists at the heritage building I wondered what this women was doing as a guide. The lady looked up over the heads of the others and instead of annoyance, smiled, and suddenly I saw more than just friendliness, I was being welcomed because the guide was glad there was one more to listen to her talk.

 “You know Bob,” my wife told me the other day, “It’s time we changed our furniture!”

 “Why?” I asked, “Our furniture is fine!”

 “It’s old!”

As I see the blame game going between the owners of the barge which saw nearly sixty die last week on the Bombay High Seas, and the late captain, we hear people saying we should be lenient with someone or other, but then a murder is a murder. Callousness cannot be excused and people who are to blame have to be brought to justice, right?

But here is a story where justice was delivered in a way that was Justice magnified!

Filled with horror I read about the twenty-seven ONGC employees who died and fifty-three missing, when their barge sank during Cyclone Tauktae’s tryst with the west coast of India. The barge, as you know, is the sleeping dormitory for the employees of the rig, ana has no engine. It’s only purpose, to accommodate those who are not working on the oil rig next door.