It’s generally after an event, a wedding or some other occasion like a lavish holiday when I realize I’m nearly broke and my driver comes back from the bank with my passbook. I open it with fear and trembling and rightly so, because it is not what I expected it to be. Somehow my mental calculations of what I’d spent don’t balance the one that the banker, his teller or his clerk so conscientiously have written in my statement.

The cyclone has just passed and as I looked down, I saw the broken branch, “Oh that’s so sad!” I shouted, “It must have happened with winds over 120 kms an hour!”

 “The winds were terrible!” agreed the broken branch, “and that’s when I made my decision!”

 “What decision?” I asked intrigued.

 “To break away from the tree and lie down here in safety!”

As science progresses, men are slowly becoming a worried lot as they find women are slowly not going to need them anymore and could one day become pregnant even without their help. “Human embryos without fathers, what’s to become of us?” asked a bespectacled fellow emptying his glass with one gulp.

 “Who’s this rotten scientist who’s doing this to us?” asked a fourth fellow, who was considered a bit of a ladies man, “the other day I was at a party and the chicks were all in a corner and didn’t even notice when I walked in.

Maybe it’s the fact that in the middle of the cyclone today, my wife a doctor, had to rush to the hospital to save a life that makes me write about ‘Death rage’ today

We have all seen or experienced this feeling at some time or another.

Death rage: When the need to release and vent out an anger at the unquestionable authority and absoluteness of death makes people raise their fists at those who stand vulnerably, close by.

In a little village somewhere in the country, the village headman and the assistant headman listened to the huge commotion outside their hut, “The people are angry,” whispered the assistant headman, “They want milk powder for their sickness!”

 “But I gave them one spoon of milk powder!” said the headman.

 “They know two are required!” said the assistant headman, “And there are many who have not even got their first spoon of milk!”