Port Blair, Feb. 15: The Lt Governor, Lt Gen (Retd) Bhopinder Singh, PVSM, AVSM has sanctioned two lakh fifty thousand rupees from LG’s Relief Fund for the treatment of two patients in mainland. One lakh rupees has been sanctioned to Shri Karthik Prabhu, who is suffering from refractory Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and not responding to any kind of chemotherapy and has been undergoing treatment at MIOT Hospitals, Chennai and one lakh fifty thousand to Shri Debdut Roy. Shri Debdut Roy had a road accident and sustained multiple fractures with left Haemothorax and Extradeural Haemotoma. He was referred to mainland for further treatment as he required prolonged treatment as inpatient.

Shri Karthik Prabhu is the resident of Aberdeen Bazaar, Port Blair and his annual income from all sources are very low. Shri Kuldeep Rai Sharma, President, A&N Pradesh Congress Committee has requested for sanctioning the ex-gratia to Shri Karthik Prabhu.  Shri Debdut Roy is the resident of Diglipur and his annual family income from all sources is also very low. The Member of Parliament, Shri B.P. Ray had requested for sanctioning the ex-gratia to Shri. Debdut Roy


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Compensation to Tsunami Affected Farmers, ANFPDCL and Issue of Soaring Airfares Discussed

Port Blair, Feb. 28: The PCC President Shri Kuldeep Rai Sharma has recently met Shri Rahul Gandhi, Vice President, All India Congress Committee at New Delhi and appraised him of the burning issues related to the AN Islands for his intervention.

Sharma briefed Gandhi on the issue of Compensation In Lieu of Submerged Land being given to the affected farmers. He said that this has brought resentment among the farmers. As a follow up to the decision taken in the 13th IDA Meeting held on 15th June, 2011, the Govt. of India has sanctioned a scheme by which the effected farmers be helped by giving cash compensation to the tune of Rs. 9.39 lakhs per hectare of submerged land. The PCC President said that in Port Blair Tehsil total submerged agriculture land is 266.29 ha while in Ferrargunj and Campbell  Tehsils it is 583.40 ha and 320.96 ha respectively. Submerged house sites/ shop sites in Port Blair Tehsil is 54.74 ha while in Ferrargunj and Campbell Bay Tehsils it is 11.80 ha and 07.43 ha respectively.

Those farmers who have accepted the compensation in lieu of their submerged land have done the same out of compulsion and owing to their bleak economic condition. But there are many farmers who have not taken the compensation as yet. 

He also said that the compensation amount being rendered to the affected cultivators is not commensurate with the loss occurred and for sustenance of their livelihood. He thus requested Rahul Gandhi to consider an increase in the rate of compensation of Rs. 9.39 lakh per hectare to Rs. 18 lakhs per hectare and also allow the victims to retain their lands, since no alternate lands can be given by the Government.

On the matter of ANI Forest and Plantation Development Corporation Ltd, Sharma depicted the pathetic condition of the employees who are suffering for no fault of theirs.

He said that the employees were not even given the benefit of 6th pay commission and are somehow maintaining their families but feel distressed with irregular salaries. Sharma requested for immediate intervention of handing over the management to the A&N Administration, which was already accepted by the Administration in principal and is pending with the respective Ministries. He also requested to consider continuous payment of the salary and wages till such handing over process. 

Detailing about the commendable contribution of Ranchi Community (Chotanagpuri) towards development of the Islands, Sharma requested Rahul Gandhi to intervene in the matter of 4% reservation as special status for Ranchi community. The case has already been recommended by the A&N Administration to Govt of India, he said.

Sharma also briefed Gandhi that Govt of India has considered all such facilities to A&N Islands, which the Govt employees and residents of North East Region are enjoying except the subsidized air journey. He thus requested for considering subsidized airliners for the Islanders, so as to enable them to avail low fare air journeys. Such consideration of Rahul Gandhi will not only ease the populace but also be boost tourism in these islands, which is the only means of livelihood of the local populace in this era of unemployment.