Zubair Ahmed

We at Andaman Chronicle were first labeled communal. Next came the tag of anti-nationals supported by external forces. Then we were called ISI agents. In Andamans, we are not on holiday like the bunch of bureaucrats and the Administrator, and we don't treat this place as a stepping stone or milestone. Both of us belong to Pre-42 community and I am proud to be a descendant of a freedom fighter. Its unfortunate that these disgruntled bunch even doesn't know how to take criticism! They have turned vindictive now.

The issue started with questions raised on SP, ACU Aslam Khan's transfer. This irked many. Followed by that we exposed the DO letter written by the Administrator to the Ministry of Home Affairs on the issue of employment for local candidates, which in contrary to what they claimed was not a very strong representation. The Administration after facing a series of agitations and representations by various organizations have decided to revisit the case and make a fresh representation based on suggestions received from all stakeholders. Kudos to Admn for taking the step!

In fact we were very soft in our article. But, as the issue is getting murkier, we need to reveal another facet of the issue, we had not mentioned in the article. The so-called DO letter which the LG had sent was just a copy of a draft letter prepared by the Secretariat babus for Former LG Bhopinder Singh in Nov 2012 with some minor changes here and there.

Instead of taking the message, they are now behind the messengers. And they tried their best to find how the letter leaked from Secretariat. And they failed.

Next, the Administrator handed over the case to Anti-Corruption Unit to investigate how the letter leaked. (Its like APWD JE performing surgery in GB Pant Hospital). The officials in ACU started contacting Andaman Chronicle to find out the whereabouts. They are also checking the call details of both of us to find out the source of the leak. Instead of wasting their energy on something insignificant, they should be busy laying traps to check corruption in resonance with the Administrator's vision of zero-tolerance towards corruption. Whatever pressure tactics they apply, we are not going to reveal our sources. To hell with their tantrums.


As 'responsible' media, we need to move on. There is a line-up of stories planned for next week. Till then, enjoy your weekend and a Happy Republic Day to all readers!