As I read about the suicide of Café Coffee Day’s Siddhartha I realized that slowly but surely, suicides in the country were moving out of the agrarian domain and into other streams as a deep frustration starts setting over people with falling businesses, falling marks, and failing marriages!

I would liken suicide to a man or woman standing perilously close to the edge of the Niagara Falls, and then as the torrent of disastrous circumstances pulls him down, he is swept into the waters and over the edge to instant death.

The first question people would ask, is why did that person get into those perilous waters?

Ah, but without risk taking, whether in business, affairs of the heart or even marriage, one can never be sure of success. The man or woman with a successful marriage quite often went against known conventions to win his or her spouse, so also billionaires the world admires and venerates; they took risks, they won!

What of those who don’t win? Who suddenly hear in the distance, voices telling them, “We told you not to marry that girl!”

“Weren’t you satisfied with the money left in your inheritance? Did you have to risk everything and become a pauper?

To such as you, will I take you back to the Niagara.

Boatmen who traverse the St Lawrence river before it falls into the Niagara, see signs all along the river which ask, “Do you have an anchor?”

The sailors in the boat are not told to stop their boat, or not to go farther, but asked if they can weigh anchor when the waters become fast and treacherous. If they can, they are safe, and even before reaching the falls, can throw same anchor into the turbulent river, and remain still.

This same question needs to be asked to we risk takers. “Do we have an anchor?”

And believe you me, it can never be the anchor of money or love or friends, but something that will hold even when such fail.

And that is the anchor of faith. Faith in a God, who will even at the most treacherous and turbulent times, even when your boat is rocked, not just by perilous currents, but also by overhead storms, will still your perilous ride and keep you safe.

I ever so vividly see the scene of a boat swept by a storm in the Sea of Galilee over two thousand years ago, and the terrified disciples running to wake their Master, their Anchor, who looks at the winds and the waves and shouts, “Peace! Be still!”

“Be still!” That is quiet voice of authority we need to hear, even as we take risks, even as our life moves towards treacherous suicidal falls.

But for that, we need an Anchor..! 

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By Maneesha Nath

The real man smiles in TROUBLE, gathers strength from distress and grows brave by reflection.

And so our today’s edition is for all the men out there.

The trend of makeup for men is catching up. The key to wearing makeup by men is to a for natural looks.

Clean your face with a cleanser or face wash.

Try and use a good moisture to keep your skin hydrated and refreshed.

Use sunscreen whenever you step out of your house.

Invest in a good quality razor.

Aftershaves are good but alcohol free aftershaves are the best.

Night Routine :

Try to give yourself enough time and there is no harm in pampering your own self for good. 

Wash your face/body with warm water.

Use eye pads if required to relax your eyes after a hectic day.

Dry your face/ body and use lotion or night cream.

Brush your hair before going to the bed.

Washing your face before going to bed is the most important practice for everyone. This is because :

It cleans your pores and finally allows your skin to breathe.

It helps you remove oil and dust from your skin and leaves your skin looking fresh.

It prevent wrinkles.

Not washing your face can lead to premature ageing.

The most important DRINK A GLASS OF WATWR BEFORE GOING TO BED. This helps your skin hydrate the entire night giving you a fresh look for the next morning.

Stay tune for another exciting topic in our next edition until then love yourself,spread happiness and take good care of yourself.

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Was looking at a senior citizen railway ticket the other day, and below the tiny, computer lettering, which only the TC can understand, were bold letters, not thanking you for traveling by rail and not by air, not welcoming a senior citizen on board, but a line which blatantly asked, ‘ Are you aware that 43% of your fare is borne by the common citizens of the country?’

Which if you ask me, was nothing short of the government burdening a senior citizen with guilt that the discount he had got for his ticket came out of the charity of tax payers!

Hello there sir, you who have envisioned this ‘government guilt trip’ do you know how much of tax payers money was just used in giving voters, freebees, free electricity, free housing, free entries into colleges, schools and jobs?

Are those who used my tax money also told that the job they hold, or the TV set or free laptop they were given was borne by the common citizens of the country?

Or maybe I should speak directly to a farmer, “Hello sir, how are you doing?”

“Well I’m still alive. I haven’t committed suicide, you know what I mean?”

“That means you owe your life to me sir!”

“To you?”

“Yes sir, my money has given you free electricity, free water, and subsidized much of your fertilizers and seeds! So, whenever you see me, please thank me! It’s because of me you live isn’t it?”

But I don’t see the government reminding the farmer about this, nor to those who have got their jobs and college seats through reservations and not merit.

Ah yes merit: So, shouldn’t all those students who became doctors, engineers or who’ve got government jobs through reservations and quota and other means not have a sign put up by government officials outside their clinics or offices saying, “Our medical degree is due to the sacrifice of meritorious students!”? 

And what about our dear politicians?

“Mr Karnataka MLA: Are you aware that 100% of the common citizen voters who backed you did so, because you were their representative against the policies of another party? Don’t you feel guilty about betraying your constituents?”

“And you, the party, accepting these betrayers, don’t you feel guilty?”

“Nowe don’t! We are above RTI! We are above guilt! Those guilt trips are yours to bear!”

And so at every railway station, watch old men and women, who’ve served this country well, brought up children through hard work, now, struggling with hardly any income, glancing with guilty eyes at their railway ticket, reeling under a burden of guilt the government has so callouslythrust on them, while they themselves ride guilt free despite their guilt filled activities..! 

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Government working with more alacrity to scale new heights

By Prakash Javadekar

Works accomplished and initiatives taken in the first 50 days of the Modi 2.0 government show a clear road map and a vision for taking India to a next echelon. Pace in decision making and scale of work are unparalleled because in the 50 days, hundreds of decisions have been taken by the Union Cabinet and the government. So the message is loud and clear that it is a ‘no-nonsense’ government driven by the principle of “Less Government, More Governance’’. It also shows vision of the government to achieve definite targets set for 2022 and also for 2024 – the two landmark years. The year 2022 happens to be the 75th year of independence while 2024 is the last year of the five-year tenure for which this government has got mandate. Decisions and initiatives taken so far also conform to the BJP SankalpPatra that envisages every section of society to become partners in the progress and opportunities.

So these 50 days have shown that the main objective of this government is to empower poor, farmers, labourers and creating employment opportunities for youths besides ensuring social security. The government of the day is here to provide excellent law and order, better ease of living for middle class, traders, more emphasis on investments, achieve new target of making India a $5 trillion economy and having more footprint in the world politics.

Now, all the 14-crore farmers will be covered in the PM KisanSammanNidhiYojana, in which every farmer will get Rs 6000 per annum as an aid for inputs. All farmers will be eligible for pension scheme. The main demand of farmers used to be, and remained for forty years, that they must get remunerative prices for their produce.  Remunerative prices are defined by M.S. Swaminathan Committee as cost of production plus 50 per cent. The Modi government has ensured this in the last two years and 24 crops are now being given MSP which is 50 per cent more than the cost. Now, the percentage return to farmers over their cost of production is 85 per cent for Bajra, 64 per cent for Urad and 60 per cent for Tur. To ensure economies of scale for farmers, 10,000 new Farmer Producer Organisations will be setup in the next five years. Besides, there is also a renewed emphasis on the fisheries sector. All these measures will help farmers to double their income by 2022.

Another major thrust area of this government for the next five years will be         “Jal Shakti” with assured potable water supply to every home. This is a humongous challenge and requires massive investment. A separate Jal Shakti Ministry has been set up to implement vision of the government. Inter-State Water Dispute Resolution Mechanism has also been revisited. A new authority is to be formed and Hon’ble Prime Minister, ShriNarendraModi, wants “Jal Shakti” to become a social and people’s movement.

For 40 crore unorganized sector workers, four codes are to be created by subsuming many labour related Acts. The thrust of this reform is to provide wage and social security. It will ensure issue of appointment letters and timely payment of wages to every worker in the unorganised sector. The employees’ and employers’ contribution for Employees State Insurance (ESI) Scheme has been reduced to give relief. For the first time, the Modi government has approved a new scheme that offers pension to small shopkeepers and traders. For the middle class, the Interim Budget had provided big tax relief as no tax is payable by any individual tax payer having income up to Rs 5 Lakh. Goods and Services Tax (GST) on home construction has also been reduced and there are many concessions announced in the Budget on loan repayment and interest subvention for home buyers.

For students, National Medical Commission Bill is a landmark decision which provides for one common entrance ‘NEET’ exam and one exit exam and also ensures fee regulation even in the private colleges.

For making India a $5-trillion economy, you need investments. The government has taken many such decisions in the first 50 days to enhance the flow of foreign and domestic investments; has revamped Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC); recapitalized public sector banks with Rs 70,000 crore; and undertaken disinvestment and closer of some sick units. The Modi government has decided to have huge investment of Rs 100 lakh crore in five years in all kinds of infrastructure -- road, rail, port, airport, industrial corridors, freight corridors, JalMargVikas, Udaan and PradhanMantriGraminSadakYojana (PMGSY) Phase III, which will help laying good roads up to the last destinations.

India’s standing in the world has gone up considerably during the Modi regime. On the occasion of his second swearing in ceremony all BIMSTEC Leaders were present. Modiji played a lead role in G20 narrative. His visits to Maldives and Sri Lanka have reinforced India’s strong ties with them. The success of Chandrayaan-2 and plan of Gaganyan in 2022 have made India the fourth country in the world to have this space capability.

Actions against terrorism and corruption are being taken swiftly and effectively. In Jammu and Kashmir, the connection of funding to the separatist movement has been severed effectively. Separatists have been jailed and tough measures have been taken against terrorism. Winning hearts of people of Jammu and Kashmir is on the agenda. Forty thousand local representatives were elected in Panchayat Elections for the first time. In the crusade against corruption, 27 senior officers were summarily removed of the services because of corruption charges and a strong action has been initiated against their benami property as well. Concerted efforts are being made to bring back fugitives; jail has been ensured for some fugitives in the foreign countries; and deportation of many other fugitives is on cards.

For middle class, LPG rates are reduced by Rs 100 per cylinder and Consumer Rights Bill is proposed to be passed in Parliament. The International Solar Alliance is working fine and the fifth edition of International Yoga Day was also celebrated all across the world. Some 58 obsolete laws have been repealed taking the total number of repealed laws to over thousand. The ambit of the Prime Minister Scholarship Scheme under the National Defence Fund has been extended to the children of state police personnel, who were martyred during terror attacks or naxal attacks. Also many officers of Armed Forces have been given non-functional financial upgradation. 

Thus, the first 50 days have shown a new promise for the people that this government will work with more alacrity and scale new heights in these five years. 

(Author is Union Minister of Environment, Forest & Climate Change And Information & Broadcasting)

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