Today, the activist label is beginning to have a bad meaning, which inspired me to write about this suburb somewhere in Mumbai, where locals get up early so they can take a walk in the park. Some walk to lower their blood sugar, some their blood pressure, some because their spouses have told them they’ve put on weight, and some to stare and gaze at others who have come to stare and gaze at them.

But, all enjoy their walk, especially the little climb, when their path goes up a bit and causes their hearts to flutter and their breaths to shorten, which they know is good for their health!

All went well, till the monsoons came. For with the rains, at one particular spot, actually, the best spot in the park, earthworms tried to crawl across the path the people walked on, and it was no nice sight to see them lying all over, squashed, sometimes half dead,oftimes dead, their attempts to get to the other side, foiled by a cruel boot or callous shoe.

The walkers complained. They grumbled. They discussed, why the mali did not clean the place. The mali said it was not his job, and nothing was done and everyday dozens of poor little worms were killed.

One day, a walker decided to do something. He broke a small branch from a tree nearby and before the others walked, he swept the little fellows out of the way for a few days.

The earthworms looked at him with appreciative eyes. The people with mixed feelings.

“It is my job,” cried the mali, “is he trying to get me unemployed?”

“He cut a piece off a tree,” said the watchman sternly, “Cutting trees is illegal!”

“We are going to arrest him!” said the chairman of the park, “We have reason to believe, he did this exercise to overthrow our committee, and later hit me with the branch he cut!”

The police came at dawn and arrested the man, and took him away, but some good people in the park, who had been happy they were not stamping on the earthworms anymore, and were happy the earthworms were being saved went to court and got the man out, “But let him stay at home, till the police prove he was trying to usurp the committee and injure the chairman!” said the court.

And in the park, snakes, and other dreaded creatures laughed as they continued biting the people, and killing the earthworms, but the chairman of the park when showed the bites and injuries, said, “It doesn’t matter, we have caught the main culprit!”

And the snakes and other harmful creatures continue their evil, as the worms get trampled again, and as the poor man, now called an activist, sits at home awaitinghisjudgement..!

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Date: September 26, 2018

1.Opportunity to Pursue Graduation, MBA from Estonia with Study Estonia(India) Merit Scholarship

Estonia based Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences (EUAS) is looking forward to applications from students who are interested in pursuing Undergraduation Degree in Software Development and Entrepreneurship and Creativity and Business Innovation and Postgraduation with MBA in International Business and Administration, for its February 2019 intake.

Last date to submit the application form is November 30, 2018. In order to be eligible for this scholarship, candidates need to fulfil the mandated requirements:


The scholarship consists of two undergraduate program i.e. Software Development and Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Business Innovation and an MBA program. The eligibility criteria for both are as follows:

For undergraduate programs:

               The applicant must be below 25 years of age and have scored minimum 50% in class 12.

               English proficiency certificate of FCE, CAE, IELTS with 5.5 or above, or TOEFL with 69 or above is required.

For MBA program:

               The applicant must have first or second division in graduation with age not more than 35 years.

               Must have IELTS score of 6.0 or above as English language proficiency proof.

Scholarship Reward

               Tuition fee waiver of up to 100%.

               Six months of extended stay in Estonia after the course completion for the job search purpose and securing temporary residence work permit.

               Possibility of earning an average monthly salary of EUR 1146 after course completion.

               Low average cost of living.

How to Apply

Interested candidate can make an online application.

Other Important Details

Students need to submit the below mentioned documents:

               Educational certificates (Mark sheets from previous academic year with over 50% in each subject).

               Certificates for the proficiency of the English language (IELTS 5.5 and above).

               Motivation letter or essay.

               Copy of the passport.

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Courtesy: / Call: 08448709545, 08527484563


2. Doodle yourTalent and Win up to Five Lakh with Doodle4Google Contest

Like every year, Google is inviting students from school, who have creative niche for doodle making. The invitation is madeto showcase their imagination online with Doodle4Google contest,on the theme ‘What Inspires Me?’ Students are required to create a story or a thought, which inspires them, by using any material from crayon to clay.

Last date to submit the application form is October 06, 2018. In order to be eligible for this scholarship, candidates need to fulfil the mandated requirements:


               The contest is open to students of class 1 to 10, parents or guardians can also participate on behalf of their offspring.

               Permission from parents and/or guardians and/or school teachers is mandatory for the applicants.

               Participation of previous years’ national winners and group winners are welcomed, but they will not be considered for the National Winner’s prize.

Scholarship Reward

               The national winner’s doodle will get displayed on He or she will be receiving a college scholarship of INR 5, 00,000, technology package of INR 2, 00,000 for his or her school, certificate or trophy of achievement and a trip to Google India and Googley Swag office.

               Four group winners will get their doodles displayed on the Doodle4Google gallery. In addition to this, trophy or medal of recognition, certificate of achievement and a trip to the office of Google India and Googley Swag.

               Twenty national finalists will be getting their doodles featured on Doodle4Google gallery, along with the certificate of achievement and Googley Swag.

How to Apply

Interested candidates can apply online or send their doodle via post to:

Doodle for Google 2018, Google India Private Limited, Signature Tower 2, Tower B, Delhi - Jaipur Expressway, Sector 15 - Part 2, Gurugram, Haryana, 122001.

Other Important Details

               The contestants will be judged on the base of artistic merit, creativity and theme communication.

               The submitted doodle will be judged in different class group categories i.e. Class 1 to 2, 3 to 4, 5 to 6, 7 to 8 and 9 to 10.

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1. Fair and Lovely Foundation has Declared its Scholarship Call Open for all Female College Goers.

Like every year, Fair & Lovely Career Foundation has declared its scholarship call open; to select 55 college-going female students. This program intends to help girls who require financial aid, by covering their education-related expenses based on merit and need, for which applications are invited from all across the country.

In order to apply for the scholarship, the applicants are required to answer two subjective type questions in 600 words, i.e. ‘Why they have decided to pursue the chosen course’ and ‘how this scholarship will prove helpful for them’.

Last date to submit the application form is October 30, 2018. In order to be eligible for this scholarship, candidates need to fulfil the mandated requirements:


• Female applicants, who have cleared class 12 from any stream with 60% marks in class 10 and 12 examination, of age between 15-30 years can apply.

• The applicant's family income should not be more than INR 6L p.a. The candidate can be from any given wide range of graduation, and post-graduation programme (as mentioned in the application site).

• Applicants preparing for Banking Services, CA-CS-ICWA, CAT-MBA, Civil Services, Government Services, IIT-JEE-Engineering, PMT-AIIMS-MBBS, Language-English Communication are also welcomed.

Scholarship Reward

Selected candidates will be rewarded with one time scholarship of INR 25,000 to 50,000.

How to Apply

Interested candidate can make an online application.

Other Important Details

Candidates need to submit the below-mentioned documents while applying for the scholarship:

• Passport Size Photo

• Id proof (PAN Card, Voter Identity Card, Driver's License, Aadhar Card, class 10th marks sheet with Photo)

• Class 12th marks sheet

• Age proof

• Class 10 marks sheet

• Proof of Family Income (Valid documents are Government approved certificate, IT Return, BPL card)

• Latest Graduation marks sheet

• Latest college fee receipt

• Application letter

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Courtesy: / Call: 08448709545, 08527484563

2. Grab the Opportunity to Pursue Under Graduation from One of the Largest Canadian University, King’s University

Students who have cleared class 12 and looking forward to have overseas exposure through under graduate degree program, from Canada, are welcomed by the university. The scholarship covers programme of Management and Organisational Studies, Social Sciences, Arts, Social Justice and Peace Studies.

Last date to submit the application form is October 31, 2018. In order to be eligible for this scholarship, candidates need to fulfil the mandated requirements:


The applicant must have cleared class 12 with an overall aggregate of minimum 75% and must have English language proficiency with 6.5 in IELTS, 580 marks in TOEFL, 4.5 in TWE or 20 marks in each section of IBT or score 56 in each section of PTE. The subject of Mathematics is not mandated in class 12, while applying for the admission in any of the programme.

Scholarship Reward

• The eligible students will be given scholarship up to CAD 17K.

• Opportunity to receive degrees from renowned western university.

• High probability of getting jobs in candidate’s interest area.

• The option of transfer to Richard Ivey School of Business is also open in the third year of the programme.

• To become a part of small interactive classes.

How to Apply

Candidates need to make an online application.

Other Important Details

Submission of below-mentioned documents will be needed by the candidate:

• Marksheets and certificates of Class 10 and 12

• IELTS or TOEFL scores

• Scanned copy of passport (front and back)

• Resume

• Documents demonstrating non-academic achievements for additional scholarships (if applicable)

• Statement of purpose (optional)

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Was reading news of the latest rape, yes, it’s becoming an everyday experience, sadly, and read that the police station sent the victim away, saying it did not come within their area! And this I heard is quite often the case, that even with draconian laws being passed, that after most cases of rape, assaults, kidnapping, or any crime, what one hears so often is the police station refusing to register a complaint because it is not in their area!I imagined a scene where this happens!

“Police! Police! Quick, run after the thief. I was assaulted and robbed!”

“Where were you assaulted?” asks the inspector smiling.

“I was walking from Colaba to VT Station, when this roguestabbed me!”

“Constable, bring the map of our area!”

“Inspector! Put some men on the job, they have stolen my wallet and mobile phone and I am bleeding!”

“First we will see whose area it is!Now tell us again, you were in which road?”

“I was walking from Colabato..”

“No, no, which road?”

“The road that connects those two places!”

“Just have a look at this map, where were you?”



“Oh?” asks the victim, “What does oh mean?”

“That is our area!”

“Sir,” interrupts a constable, “Ask him which side of the road he was on!”

“Ah, very good constable, very good! Which side of the road where you on sir?”

“On the left side!”

“Thank god, the left side, comes under the Fort Police station, not us!Constable, you will be recommended for promotion!”

“But aren’t you going to send some men after the scoundrel who attacked me?”

“We are very sorry!” says the inspector, beaming, “Thank you very much for walking on the wrong side of the road!”

“Wrong side?”

“Yes sir, that is not within our jurisdiction. Please go to Fort police station, in case you walk on the right side next time, come directly to us!”

This is no joke, but a fact. I envision the day, when larger than the name board, policestations have outside, they will have large maps stating, “Do Not Enter If You Were Not Assaulted, Raped or Murdered Here!”

This is not just in police stations, even on trains!

“Keep an eye on the stations, as we pass them!” says the grandmother to her grandchild.

“Why grandma?”

“Because if dacoits come and rob us, it is important to know where it took place, for the police to give chase!”

“Also, don’t forget,” says a dacoit entering their compartment, “that it is only the final blow when we finish you off, that police consider the area where a case should be registered!”

“So, what are you waiting for?” whispers the grandmother, looking fearfully at the country pistol.

“This is not a friendlyarea,” says the dacoit looking out of the train window, “The next one is friendlier to us..!” 

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Of late priests, godmen, gurus and other religious leaders are showing a sordid side of themselves! Rape, molestations, blackmail, assaults, greed and debauchery seem to be springing from their holy loins and seeing this there seems to be a growing disenchantment from their followers for all things holy!

“If priests are like this, what’s the point of being spiritual?” many ask.

“Is there any point in being good, when they themselves fall like this?” ask others.

“If religion can’t keep them from wickedness, how will it keep us from the same?” ask the youth.

Many years ago, there was an old lady, who was a close friend. She lived in an old folks home, after her husband passed away, and though she reached the grand old age of ninety, used to ask me to pick her up, once a month and take her out. Once, while driving back, I told her about a priest who I felt was quite corrupt. “How can he call himself a priest?” I exclaimed angrily.

“Bob!” she said turning to me, a youngster who she knew was disillusioned, “Behind those priestly robes there lies a man!”

I have never forgotten her words. What she meant was, I should remember that like all men and women, these people who we consider religious are also tempted, are also a prey to the lust of the flesh and can fall a victim to greed. They have the power to withstand those temptations as long as they focus on God. The moment they look away, they become but men.

Decades ago, I flew down to Kentucky to attend the ordinationof my brother, as a priest. It was a wonderful ceremony and later as we were about to have lunch, he turned to me and asked, “Any advice, big brother?”

“Yes!” I said, “But it’s not about a Christian priest I’m going to give you the example off. It’s a swami in Kolkata!” My brother leaned forward. “This swami,” I said, “had many devotees, but he had a peculiar way of blessing them. When they bent down in front of him, he blessed them with his feet!”

“What’s your point?” asked my brother with his eyes.

“Sometimes,” I said, “A women would bend down and as she did, her sari would fall away from her shoulders! Immediately, the swami kicked her out of the way!”

“He kicked the sight of temptation out of his sight!” said my brother softly to himself.

As long as our eyes are focused on God, we will not fall. Even now as we are appalled at what these priests are doing, we are looking at them. Stop doing so; these are but men behind those cassocks, those priestly robes, turn your eyes on God only and you will not fall, even as they did, turning away from Him..! 

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