And as different governments over the years have addressed all the wrong problems in our educational system, I can only liken it to an imaginary minister again focusing on non-issues!

 “Minister, we are so happy you have been appointed. We have to do something about our educational system!”

 “Yes, yes, I am going to tackle the problem immediately. Bring me the uniforms the children wear to school and also call the tailor!”

"Minister sir, the books have to be revised, they are outdated!"

"A little longer tailor, yes, yes, cover the knees, the ankles and right up to the toes, why not cover the toes also!"

"Children are failing sir!"

"Yes, yes let her wear a salwar under it!"

"The teachers don't know their subject!"

"Use thicker cloth!"

"There are no chairs, no desks, in some places no schools!"

"Lengthen it! The toes can be seen, stretch it more!"

"The children are running to coaching classes!"

"Widen the skirt, you should not see the shape of the ankle!"

"There is cheating and copying during exams sir!"

"Broaden it near the thigh, none should guess there is a leg inside!"

"There are no text books, and the ones that are there have only blank pages inside as the printer wasn't paid by your department!"

"Pull it higher up to cover the waist! That's it, good!"

"Children are still learning things by heart instead of understanding the subject!"

"Now let’s start with the boys pant!"

"Nobody knows English in schools sir!"

"Double the pant piece! Use more cloth!"

"The fourth standard students don't know their alphabets!"

"No crease in the front!"

"The fifth standard students know no arithmetic!"

"Too tight behind!"

"The eighth class student can't write a sentence sir!"

"Thick baggy pants for first standard boys!"

"The tenth standard children are using crayons!"

"Thick baggy pants for the fifth standard boys and for the sixth and seventh and eighth.."

"All children failed their SSC sir!"

"And for the ninth and tenth also!"

The minister looked at the long skirt and baggy pants which the tailor held out for him, his eyes gleamed with satisfaction, “We will be known throughout the world for the best educational system in any country!" he said proudly. 

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Scholarship: BML Munjal University Scholarship Program 2019

Description: BML Munjal University is inviting meritorious students to pursue higher education in the fields of law and technology at the institution with up to 100% tuition fee scholarships. The scholarship initiative aims at helping financially underprivileged students who have scored well in the national/international entrance exams for engineering and law studies in India.

Eligibility: Students who have passed IIT-JEE (Main and Advanced) or have passed CLAT or LSAT-India exams in year 2019 may apply for the and Law scholarships respectively.

Prizes & Rewards: Applicants will be awarded with variable benefits including up to 100% tuition fees scholarship, accommodation and meal expenses based on their performance in the respective national/international entrance examinations.

Last Date to Apply: July 22, 2019

Application: Online applications only

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Scholarship:   UGAM - Legrand Scholarship Program 2019-20

Description:   The scholarship is open for girl students who have cleared class 12 board examination from science background.  Under this program, meritorious students who are interested in pursuing  B.Tech/B.Arch program or already enrolled for the same in 2019 admission year, will get financial aid.

Eligibility: Applicant must be a female having cleared class 10 and 12 with score not less than 75% and family income not more than INR 5 L p.a. The applicant must be intending to do graduation in B.Tech., B.E. or B.Arch. from anywhere in India.

Prizes & Rewards: Eligible applicants will get scholarship of INR 60K p.a. or 60% of the fee (whichever is less).

Last Date to Apply:      July 25, 2019

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Scholarship:  GEV Memorial Merit Scholarship 2019 for Law Students

Description: Dr.Goolam E. Vahanvati Scholarship Fund is providing scholarships to students pursuing law degree courses across the nation to study at premier law institutions. This scholarship program will provide students a chance to be mentored by elite judiciary communities of India.

Eligibility: Indian students pursuing LLB/LLM courses in any year of their course curriculum, at premier law institutions of India may apply for this scholarship. Students who have cleared CLAT, LSAT-India, AILET, or any other law entrance exam in 2019 may also apply. Applicants’ family income should not be more than ₹10.00 Lakhs per annum. Every applicant should have scored at least 60% in class 10 and 12 exams.

Prizes & Rewards: Selected scholars will be awarded a scholarship sum of ₹50,000 to ₹2.00 Lakhs per year to pay for academic expenses. Scholars would also receive training and mentorship.

Last Date to Apply: July 31, 2019

Application: Apply online

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In the days of yore when honesty and integrity still had their place in society, treachery and disloyalty, and acts of betrayal were done surreptitiously, away from the public glare. But as I saw the thirteen Karnataka MLAs moving out of their Mumbai hotel, on their way to Goa, after having decided to switch floors, now smiling and waving at the crowd, not hiding their heads in shame, ashamed with having betrayed their constituents but actually grinning and in full view of the people outside, I realized that such acts of deception had become an accepted norm in the eyes of the world, at least in our country, if not elsewhere!

They were elected by a people, for the party which had fielded them. They were elected by a people against another party the people were against. They were the representatives of the voice of the people, how then could they have ever thought of acting otherwise?

But even as my TV screen showed their grinning faces and wildly gesticulating hands, I realized that these expressions of glee were directed to an admiring and receptive public outside. Very frankly, you wouldn’t show expressions which the audience did not want. You would not walk out of a court jumping with glee and waving to a crowd after being convicted of murder, because the crowd outside, baying for your blood would lynch you right then and there, even before the custodians of law and order could have done anything otherwise.

But here, thirteen men who had betrayed their people, waved to the crowd, who I am sure waved back at them, or at least were receptive to their triumphant expressions.

Like I said, once upon a time, such deeds were done scrumptiously because people were ashamed.

 “Yes, we gave in to our carnal selves, but we are sorry!” showed the expression on the face of the convicted rapist as he was led off to jail.

 “I wish I had not killed him!” whispered the killer silently as he looked at the gallows that also silently beckoned him to his punishment.

But there was no remorse in the eyes of these thirteen men. Worse, they looked out of the bus onto our own eyes, and waved because what they saw was a country encouraging and uplifting them for their dastardly act.

What stage have we reached, when betrayal is accepted as a normal?

Lies endorsed as a way of life?

Fake news forwarded even without finding out if it is true or false?

A society that accepts with approval and appreciation, what once was done with shame.

Do remember; we waved back..! 

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Beauty Begins the Moment you Decide to be YOURSELF.

By Maneesha Nath

Many of us apply the concealer in a semi-circular pattern to reduce the puffiness under our eyes. However the best way to apply the concealer is in a conical pattern under the eyes.

Do not keep your hair long if you cannot maintain it. Your hairstyle must suit the shape of your face as well.

Nothing looks better than a healthy and glowing skin.

Mix you moisturiser and skin Illuminator together and apply it to get an effect of a glowing skin.

Monthly visit to your parlour is a must in order to look well groomed and maintained.

Minimal care of your skin like getting your upper lips done, regular waxing, getting your eyebrows are few in the must to do list.

As said your haircut needs to compliment the shape of your face. Remember your haircut can transform your personality completely and thus

It is advisable to regularly get your hair trimmed to avoid split ends and other hair woes. 

Clothes: Wearing clothes that fit well will make you look better and confident. Always choose well fitted clothes and colour that suits your personality.

CHOICE OF SHOES CAN MAKE OR BREAK YOUR ENTIRE LOOK. Choose your shoes wisely to look polished and make an impact on others.

Always remember, whenever you are creating beauty around you, you are restoring your own soul.

So let’s share our beauty secrets with our friends and spread the beauty around us.

Stay tuned for another exciting topic in our next edition until then love yourself, spread happiness and take good care of yourself.

You can contact me through my FB page “Adaraa- Your Make-up expert” or Ring me or Whatsapp me @ 9769311086

Bookings open for this wedding season freeze your dates and  get your free makeup  trial done today.

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Scholarship: L'Oréal India For Young Women In Science Scholarship 2019

Description: L'Oréal India is providing educational scholarships to young women who wish to pursue their graduation in any field of science from a recognized institute in India. The aim of this scholarship is to encourage young women to pursue their education and career in science and empower them with financial aid.

Eligibility: Female candidates who have passed class 12 with 85% in PCB/PCM/PCMB in the academic year (2018-19) are eligible to apply. Annual family income of the applicant should be less than INR 4 Lakhs and she must not be more than 19 years of age when applying for this scholarship

Application: Applications are accepted online or student can send by post at L'Oreal India, The Scholarship Cell, C/O Buddy4Study, Stellar IT Park, C-25, Office No.8,9 & 10 Tower-A, Ground floor, Sector 62, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301 India

Prizes & Rewards: Selected women scholars will be provided up to INR 2, 50,000 in instalments towards their tuition fees and academic expenses for pursuing graduation courses in science.

Last Date to Apply: July 15, 2019

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Scholarship: SHDF Scholarships 2019

Description: Sikh Human Development Foundation (SHDF) and Nishkam Sikh Welfare Council are providing financial assistance to marginalized but brilliant students who wish to pursue professional courses for higher education.

Eligibility: Students who have scored at least 60% marks in two latest academic examinations, and are pursuing a professional course at a recognised institution in India may apply for this scholarship program if their family income is below INR 1.80 Lakhs per year.

Prizes & Rewards: Based on their financial need and performance in scholarship test, selected scholars will be provided scholarships worth up to INR 30,000 each.

Last Date to Apply: July 27, 2019

Application: Submit offline applications

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Scholarship: Global Youth Video Competition 2019

Description: tve (Television for Environment) is inviting applications from environment conservation enthusiasts to submit short videos of inspiring stories about saving the planet from climate change. Selected top entries will get global exposure and a chance to work with the United Nations’ Climate Change Conference.

Eligibility: Indian citizens between the ages of 18 to 30 years may apply for this program

Prizes & Rewards: Winning entries will get global recognition at the UN Secretary-General's Climate Summit in New York. Winners will also get the chance to interact with climate change leaders during a round trip travel to UN Climate Conference COP 25 in Chile in December 2019.

Last Date to Apply: July 28, 2019

Application: Submit online entries

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