It’s not a second or third wave of the virus, but a wave of sorrow that envelops us today!

If you feel sad and depressed right now, and can’t understand why, then join billions of others who feel the same, and why not? Right now, most of us are staring at the executioner’s axe, not knowing when cruel virus will strike, how it will, and who it will bring down. Day after day, we hear of loved ones dying, that we have begun dreading the phone ring, just as many decades ago we shivered when we heard the midnight cry, “Telegram!” outside our doors.

She lay on the ventilator, as fervent prayers went up from hundreds, in plea chains and waves, outside same hospital, “Save her!” they prayed, and up in heaven God listened to their prayers even as He looked at her, and saw a smile of ecstatic joy on her face.

 “Oh God,” she whispered as she looked into heaven and felt an incredible sense of peace and joy, “Oh God I learnt about heaven, I spoke about heaven but I never knew it was so like this! Let me enter my Lord and my God!”

It wasn’t too many years ago, every time the word ‘computers’ was mentioned, government employees would go on strike. Millions of man hours were wasted as clerks continued to painstakingly and laboriously write in ledgers and huge books, what they could have typed and transferred to another department in seconds.

And we the public suffered, as successive government either scared to lose the employees vote bank, or succumbing to the threat of the ‘strike’ blackmail, differed decisions to computerize!

“A servant who serves excellently from his whole heart with due courage and humility is never a servant, but a master of his work!” ― Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

It was an ordinary brown paper packet that arrived with the delivery man. The order was for a plate of vadas, some sambar and chutney. The package did not lend too much hope to the taste of what lay inside, but for the price paid, one did not expect regal packing nor exquisite flavour to food just meant to fill one’s belly.

The packet was opened, the first bite made, yes indeed, with some fear and trepidation!

After my morning walk, I sit for an hour on my terrace garden, savoring my pot of delicious coffee. All around me I hear the sounds of birds and squirrels, as the peepul tree towering over me provides a home to them and peace for me. As I sip away, different smells start drifting up to me; that of breakfasts being prepared by loving hands. There’s the aroma of aloo paratha, the whiff of an omellette, the crisp smell of a dosa, there’s bacon and eggs rising somewhere, and all the pleasant odours drift up to me, and enhance the beautiful mood I am in. I feel a stillness.