Was just watching a video of an American Republican former Governor of California, speaking out against the outrageous attempt of Trump to sabotage the proceedings at the Capitol, using mobs. The man who spoke out, cutting across party lines, and most probably infuriating his political bosses is Arnold Schwarzenegger!

Some men build themselves not just muscles, but courage, that goes beyond politics!

One of the saddest sights I’ve seen is when a loved one is carried out of his or her home, cold and lifeless. Tears flow and sobs rack the air as the body is placed in a coffin or funeral bier and taken to a crematorium or cemetery.

He was an old man, well into his eighties and I had always been particularly fond of him. I entered his room in the hospital and found him bent with his back to me doing something to his leg. I walked up and gently touched him, "Bob," he said, "my leg hurts!"

For nearly a year, the only reason many looked in newspapers or at TV screens was for news of the vaccine, and finally when the vaccine is ready to roll out, there is a waning of interest. “What’s the problem?” I asked an old man who had actually rolled up his sleeves many months before and was now rolling them down and had his arms in defensive knots, “Why this reluctance for the vaccine?”

A few hundred yards from where I live are buildings meant for the poorer section, put up, to take them out of the slums. One would think, that in their little crowded tenements, tempers would be high, and anger a way of life, but the happiest sounds of fun and laughter come from there.