With so many protests and debates over colour issues worldwide, corporates and industrial houses are jumping overboard to absolve themselves of colour discrimination, by changing names and titles. The latest, ‘Fair and Lovely, has changed its name to ‘Glow and Lovely!’

Dr. Dinesh

CANI-SMCP (Chennai Andaman & Nicobar Islands-Sub-marine Cable Project) is basically provisioning of submarine Optical Fibre Connectivity between Chennai and Andaman & Nicobar Islands. A successful test run was done between Port Blair and Chennai late in the evening on 7/3/2020. Main Segment will be Chennai- Port Blair; (Initial Equipped Capacity: 400 Gbps); Other Segments (Initial Equipped Capacity:200 Gbps)

No, it wasn’t the 14th of Nov, his birthday, and many if they’d seen him, would have recognized him by the red rose he so dandily wore on the jacket appropriately named after him. But, like I said, it wasn’t his birthday, and no reason for him to have left the skies and the great beyond, to visit the land he’d loved and had so passionately helped free. But he had decided to pay a visit and a visit he was paying:

Scholarship Name: IDFC FIRST Bank MBA Scholarship 2020-22

Description: IDFC FIRST Bank is providing scholarships to students enrolled in 1st year of 2-year full-time MBA programmes across selected colleges in India. The scholarship programme is aimed at helping MBA students who need financial support in managing their tuition fees.

Eligibility: Indian students who are enrolled in the 1st year of full-time MBA programmes at selected educational institutions may apply for this scholarship. Students must have an annual family income not more than INR 6 Lakh to be eligible to apply for this scholarship.

Scholarship: IIT BHU Department of Metallurgical Engineering Junior Research Fellowship 2020

Description: Indian Institute of Technology (BHU) Varanasi invites applications for Department of Metallurgical Engineering Junior Research Fellowship 2020 from B.Tech/B.E/M.Tech/M.E. degree holders. The fellowship requires the fellows to work on the project titled, "Development of Functionally Graded Armor Composites (FGACs) Materials".