Have been watching the debacle of the PMC Bank which is the Punjab and Maharashtra Cooperative Bank, and how the RBI, controlled I’m sure, totally by the government, is dealing with the crisis.

Have noticed today, that there is no more a sense of fairness: It’s either majority versus minority where the majority voice wins!Or, it’s the numbers game, of how many voters are affected and how to appease the greater numbers, so as not to lose the voter base.

I see, sadly, the same win- win clever strategy being used here in dealing with the PMC bank.

Instead of concentrating on the deposits, the RBI is concentrating on the depositor.

Let me explain.

In a housing society, each member whether he’s got a small flat or big flat, is an equal share holder, but his monthly liability is proportionate to the square feet of his flat. Which means his liability is equal to his investment! In case, the society makes a profit, as seen in some societies in Bombay’s Nariman Point, the profits are directly distributed according to the proportion of the member’s investment or size of his flat.

But, here in the Banks case, instead of giving back to the investor in the PMC bank, a percentage of his locked-up savings, the RBI is cleverly distributing the same amount equally. Which means whether you have invested one crore or a mere ten thousand rupees, you get back the same amount!

Totally unfair!

If the RBI after seeing the financial position of the PMC decided it could give back to the investors 500 crores, the money should have been distributed in proportion to the amount the investor had invested.

Someone who had invested ten lakhs of his or her hard-earned money, should have got back a lakh, and investors who had put in ten thousand, could have been given back proportionately a similar percentage on their investment amount.

This way, every investor would have been treated equally.

Today, as I see less and less afflicted people protesting, and fighting their battle to get back their money, I can see the governors looking through their respective windows.

“There are a hundred of them outside!”

“Give them ten thousand rupees more, and fifty percent will not be seen tomorrow!”

“Yes sir!”

This same policy is used with most everything. Potholes are not repaired for motorists who are a minority, but repaired when the vote banks are on the streets, during the Ganesh festival.

Coming back to the PMC bank, let distribution be done proportionate to the money deposited!

That is the fair way, and not the clever way, which has become the norm, in a country, where political leaders and others use cunning and craftiness instead of fairplay..! 

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“Youth dies in police custody! Over, 100 killed in police custody in Maharashtra in four years“ Times of India, Oct 30th

“Just give me my son! Place him across my lap. Open your eyes child, did you close them, so you wouldn’t see the next blow and the next? What scars are these against my baby’s skin? What stains of blood?Deep gashes, caused by policeman’s brutal belt?Same skin I nursed and bathed and washed, is now the colour of a bloodied river!”

“You my son, who ran and played, with me keeping a watchful eye, lest you fall and graze a knee or shin or toe, who would come running to me, even if there was a trickle of blood on same skin, and I would wrap you in my arms and run to the doctor, as if some great injury had befallen you, but to me even a graze on your tender body, was grievous wound enough. But this….

“These rivers of blood, inflicted by a government belt? Will that same doctor, who used to laugh as I came running to his clinic holding you in my frenzied arms, now laugh?”

“Doctor, where are you?”

“Can you put that ointment you used to paste on him, more to assuage my feelings, then that of my little boy, who, all he wanted was to go back and play, and get hurt again..”

“Son! Wake up, your friends are calling, they want you to come out and play. They say, they won’t let you fall and get hurt!”

“Who let you fall, and get hurt my son? I know what those eyes behind those closed eyelids are saying, “You told me to go to the law ma when I was in trouble! I went mummy and the law did this to me!”

“I know my son, I know we taught you those men in khaki could be trusted, and I know I betrayed you in letting you go to them! You were no criminal! You were no thief or robber! You went as a citizen of this country, to settle a problem, and they sent you out lifeless, a dead body!”


“Don’t take him from my arms! One last run with him to the doctor, and that ointment will wake him up! Let him be in these old, wrinkled arms, they are the only ones that ever protected him! Why did I let him stray from them? Why did I not pick him up from those khaki butchers and escape from the very men who should have protected him?”

“Oh my son, my son, let’s go home, and I’ll teach you the rules again, “Do not trust men in khaki! They and their masters are criminals of the state!”

“Doctor put that ointment will you, he wants to go out and play..!” 

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 “Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking! We are finding it difficult to locate the capital because of intense pollution! I will have to request each of you to help by looking out of your windows and try to locate any familiar landmarks!”

“Yes, yes! I can see my house from here!” shouted an excitable Mrs Kapoor, as she waved to something she had seen below.

“Mrs Kapoor, what you are pointing to is the Taj Mahal, and though we know every romantic on this flight would love to be enshrined in those beautiful portals, we are looking for more definite landmarks than that… Yes, I see you putting up your hand, passenger in seat 14 A?”

“Captain I can see people buying and selling horses below, I think we must be very close to the capital!”

“Thank you sir, but horse trading isn’t happening only in the capital, it is a continuous activity going on in Karnataka, and is a state hobby in Goa, and has picked up recently in Maharashtra, so sir, you will need a more accurate guide for us to land than that! Ah, madam you in seat 15G, you are very excited?”

“There! There! I can see both of them. It must be the capital, where else would both of them be sitting and strategizing and plotting, all day long. Come pilot, I think you can land your plane safely here!”

“Ma’am please put on your glasses while peering out, what you see are just clouds, and I do see the resemblance between the white beard and the cumulus cloud, though even in my wildest imagination I cannot understand how you thought the next cloud was a bald head!”

“Captain! Captain! There it is!”

“What sir?”

“The capital! Can’t you see cars driving on the wrong side of the road, robberies taking place, and a general law and order problem?”

“You think it’s the capital because the police are on strike?”

“Yes captain, see below, they’re stringing up a man, and look at those fellows running after that young woman?”

“No sir, this is not because the police are on strike, this is a normal scene for the last few years, and could be anywhere in the country immaterial of whether the police are on strike or not!”

“Sir, sir, please go back to the cockpit, there seems to be an emergency!”

“What is the emergency airhostess, we are trying to locate the capital of the country, can there be a bigger emergency than that?”

“Sir, there are Chinese warplanes outside!”

“My dear flight steward, those are not warplanes, those are snooping devices hovering over the capital, trying to intercept and decipher WhatsApp messages of opposition leaders and others. We have certainly reached the capital! This is exactly where we have to land…!” 

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On the borders of an imaginary village, a man with white beard and white hair stood flexing his muscles and expanding his fifty-six inch chest, while shouting and making violent signs at the next village. He heard hurried footsteps behind him, but did not bother to turn around, as he continued his aggressive posturing at the edge of his village,gesturing fiercely at the one across.

“Sir, sir, it is time you came back sir!”

“I cannot, I have many actions up my sleeve which the people of our village enjoy, see!”

The man expanded his chest even more, curled his fingers into a fist and started boxing an imaginary opponent in the next village, again he did not turn as he asked, “Are my people watching?”

“No sir!”

“What? Can’t they see me waving my fists and pawing the air, at the village next door?”

“They have stopped looking sir!”

“Can’t they hear me shouting, ‘terrorist, terrorist’ at the headman of the village next door?”

“They have stopped listening sir!”

“But they made me a headman because of my jumping and kicking and shouting slogans at the village next door?”

“Yes, they did sir!”

“They elected me their chief impressed by this chest of mine!”

“They did sir!”

“So why aren’t they watching me anymore?”

“They watch their shrinking stomachs! They watch their jobs disappearing sir and cash vanishing! They sit at home with no jobs. Their families starve with no food!”

“But that is why I stand here at the border and create these border shows, so they will stop looking at their shrinking stomachs and their empty wallets. Till now they loved my chowkidar antics and clapped and cheered for me!”

“You entertained them well sir!”

The man with white beard and white hair stood flexing his muscles and continued expanding his fifty-six inch chest, while making violent gestures at the next village, “Tell them to look at my aggressive actions again!” he said. “Tell the people I will stand here and protect them from….”

“From what sir?”

“From the terror that comes from the next village! Once they look up and see me yelling and screaming and jumping around, they will clap and cheer and forget their tummies and hunger!”

“Sir the people have spoken!”

“They clap for me?”

“No sir, they want you back to deal with hunger and jobs!”

The white bearded man stopped his shadow boxing and shouting, turned roundand whispered, “But I don’t know how to do that!”

“Yes sir!” whispered the man who had come from the poll booths with the latest results, “The people are realizing that! Yes sir!” he said, looking at the poll results, “they seem to have stopped looking sir..!” 

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