Exactly seventy-five years ago, the Allied forcesfighting World War II landed on the beaches of Normandy to make a final thrustat Germany, who by then had nearly finished murdering 6 million Jews! Tears streaming down my cheeks I watched along with Trump, the Queen and others the tribute given to the troops who landed that day in Normandy, the only difference being I watched it on TV while they did in person at Portsmouth.

Along with the other dignitaries watching the tribute was the head of Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel.

I wonder what her feelings were as she watched 75 year old pictures of how the whole world attacked her country, not for land or loot but to stop the cruel Hitler and his wicked genocide programme.

What are the feelings of millions of Germans whose fathers and grandfathers were party to this mass murder?

How did they allow Hitler to gain power?

How did they allow him to continue his pervasive act?

How did they allow themselves to be convinced that this monster was the right person to rule?

While visiting the Holocaust museum two years ago, I realized that something Hitler relied on completely was the art of deception.

He convinced his people that he would lead Germany onto the path of progress.

He convinced Germans they were a superior race, and others residing in their country were second rate citizens who needed to be destroyed.

And the people believed him.

This was just seventy-five years ago. Not in the medieval or dark ages. Airplanes was not only invented but were a force to reckon with in the war. Cars with advanced engines were plying the cities.

Except for the internet, things were as modern as they are now.

A modern people who could be so cruel as to kill six million innocent men, women and children! Not batting an eye to their screaming, and cries for help in the gas chambers they themselves had built.


I asked this question to six Germans who had visited my home a few years ago, and they put their heads down in shame.

It was deception of the highest order. Lies spread about a particular community. Hate, built up about a race, and that laid the foundation for a mass murder of the hugest magnitude ever, by the Germans.

In Shakespeare’s play, ‘Macbeth’, a distraught, guilt racked, sleep walking Lady Macbeth cries out, “Out damned spot!” while trying to wash her hands of the murder she had helped commit.

Watch out! Even as hate is used in plenty today, let our children and grandchildren not have to cry the same way or bow their heads in shame years later, as the world asks, “How?” to them..! 

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By Maneesha Nath

Life is full of beauty. Beauty has so many forms and the most beautiful thing is your confidence.

Confidence plays a vital role when it comes to the corporate world. So today we shall discuss on how to have a flawless corporate/business look.

Flawless skin always wins. (Try to avoid foundation for daily makeup.)

Subtle eyes with thick eye liner, enhances your look anytime.

Your skin needs to breathe and you cannot layer it with foundation everyday. So instead of foundation, it is suggested to use any moisture or beauty cream.

Nude or earthy colour lipsticks are best for the corporate look. Avoid bold lipstick and heavy makeup because that can make you look you are drooling.

Suggestion: Try to keep your look natural and always keep in mind “Less is more when it comes to business/corporate makeup.”

Sophia Loren once said “Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful.”

So always appreciate yourself and let your work speak for you.

Being presentable is always advisable but never go cakey with your look.

When it comes to your hairdo, always keep your hair neat and not something that you can play with.

Therefore the safest options is, to pull it back to a ponytail or a high bun.

Someone once said, “First impression is the last impression”. That first glance is always important and you will hardly have few seconds to make that great impression.

In case you have a short hair, make sure you trim it neatly and keep it polished.

Now the last and the most important part: Wear your confidence and smile and face the world and shine like a sun.

It’s not easy to manage work and home together.

Adara Salutes the ladies out there who are doing a tremendous job and making all of us proud. 

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By Buvnesh

The shoulder is what we in our language call a “ball and socket joint” and is the intersecting point of various other muscles.

A well developed shoulder is a result of a combination of various movements programmed in such a way that they compliment each other to help you get to your goal.

A wide shoulder is what gives you that broad look when you walk or stand upright and the best exercise to get a broad shoulder is the shoulder press.

A shoulder press is one of the functional movements and a compound movement that not only gives you well developed shoulders but also helps you to strengthen your core and other muscles supporting the movement like triceps, your upper part of the chest etc.


In this article, I am discussing  a standing shoulder press. This exercise can be done seated too and also with the help of dumbbells.

Step 1: Start with your feet shoulder width apart.

Step 2: Grip the barbell shoulder width apart.

Step 3: Lift the bar up and rest it on your upper chest before you press the bar up.

Now this step can be avoided if your gym has a power rack, where you have the liberty to place the bar at the height of your upper chest. An alternative for a power rack is a squat rack.

Step 4: Press the weight up and slightly behind your head in such a way that the bar aligns with your body.


I like to grip the bar in a suicide grip (all fingers together behind or under the bar) fashion, because I am used to that particular grip.

But it is advised to hold the bar at a pronated grip ie; four fingers under or behind the bar and one finger in front of the bar, for reference the way a typical person would hold the throttle of a motorbike.

Never grip the bar wider than shoulder width in any pressing movement. This is because it shortens the range of motion of the bar, and also your shoulders are prone to injuries that way.

Always remember your presses will be the strongest when your wrist aligns with your shoulder elbow and your elbow goes as low to your shoulders, let it be in any movement.

This is what I’ve noticed in my experience.

So keep grinding! Ciao, till next week! 

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Headlines in most newspapers announced us as the largest democracy in the world!

But are we?

“Do what you want, I will not vacate your house!” sneers your tenant.

“I will go to court!”

“Go!” he sneers, and knows by the time the judgement is delivered twenty years later, he has got free accommodation for all those years and you, no income. In fact, you may well, not be around by that time.

Democracy is made up of two hand actions: the inking of your finger and the banging of the gavel of the judge. And both these institutions, the elections and the judiciary have to run parallel.

For a country to be called democratic, justice has to be delivered swiftly.

Not in India.

Here, it is the rule not of fairness, but of muscle. Fairness or justice is handled by the courts. The will of the majority which is muscle is handled by the winners of an election.

We are therefore a flawed democracy.

One of the reasons that there is fear before and after an election in India, is that in case the wrong party gets into power, ones who do not abide by the law and the constitution, will get away with murder because it will be too late before they are caught, if ever.

So, our job, is to stop criticizing who has come to power in these elections, or how he or she has come to power, and instead ensure that speedy justice can be delivered when the law is trampled on.

We make a huge tamasha on Republic Day about it being the day we got our constitution and that is the time to point out that just having a constitution will not do but having one that acts quickly is important.

Politicians will not help you, because it does not serve their purpose.

You have to make a noise about it. Talk about it. Write about it.

It is your right. And once this right of yours and mine is established, we like the Americans will take elections in our stride and won’t treat it like a life and death issue.

Because sadly in our country it is a life and death issue.

If we can pay our politicians huge salaries, give them luxurious mansions and hefty perks, don’t tell me we can’t build thousands of courthouses, get thousands of judges, and have justice delivered fast?

If you think ours is the largest democracy, think again. It’s a flawed one, and you have only yourself to blame!

“Go to court!” laughs your tenant, the moneyed man and the one who has wronged you, and your inked finger which shows you voted won’t be of much help without the sounds of a thousand gavels banging judgements..! 

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