Mala giggled to herself as she picked up the phone and dialed Sandra’s number. “So,” she giggled, “what happened? You said your aunt was dying. I even gave you a bottle of blood to pull your aunt through, now why the silence?”

 “We didn’t use your blood Mala?”

 “Oh you didn’t, didn’t you? Thought your best friend would taint your family’s blue bloodedness did you?” giggled Mala. “So why didn’t you use the blood?”

Missy was ready for marriage, and suddenly each man she met became a potential husband. And then one day she saw him; he was a flawless hunk, huge and muscular, handsome and confident as he looked around. she stared, fascinated at his, bulging muscles and taut abdomen.  

"How strong he is!" she thought happily.

The owner of an elegant house stood outside his home, and spoke to the painter, “I want those grills of my house to stand out. Paint them in black, white, silver and gold! Just look at the intricate design I told the welder to make, now I want every twist and turn of those iron rods to be emphasized. Let those grills be a work of art!”

And the painter went to work. With clever skill and deft hand he brought out the lines and edges of the grill, blues and reds and black and gold!

A few months ago I watched the movie, ‘The Least of These,’ I’m not going to talk about the movie here, but what it brought back to me, was my meeting with Gladys Staines, just after the gruesome murder of her husband and her two little sons. Even as she spoke to me, a vein on her forehead throbbed and I wondered whether any mother could live with the scene of two little ones, Philip aged ten and Timothy aged six, and her beloved Graham roasted alive?

Every evening, after the twins belonging to my daughter, messed up the full house with their toys and other paraphernalia which little boys throw all over, she would sing, “Clean Up! Clean Up!” with the twins joining in the singing with their three- year old voices. Then they would run all over, cleaning up, what they’d messed up!

A few years ago, while Anna Hazare and the nation cried themselves hoarse against corruption, a medical association of specialists decided to organize a march against corruption and hundreds trekked a few miles shouting slogans, holding banners over their heads and placards pinned to their chests.