She was beautiful! She was Pakistani!

She strolled over to where I sat, on the banks of the St Lawrence, just before it rolled into the Great Niagara. “May I sit here with you?” she asked. “Sure,” I said and made place for her on the wooden bench. We sat still and watched the giant river, and in the distance the mighty roar of the majestic falls. “Are you going back to New York?” she asked. I nodded. “May I travel along with you?”. I nodded again and then looked at her puzzled. “You afraid of something?” I asked as gently as I could. She shuddered.

Statistics turned everything of human sphere and nations in to pi chart bar chart and in ranking system. There is ranking for everything in the world. With the lowest birth rate and high suicide rate Scandinavian countries are doing best almost in every sphere like world happiness index world press freedom index, human development index, democracy index.

There is a principle in statistics “ more sample size more accurate result, less sample size extreme result”. So the survey of 1000 people or several thousand people in the population of crores don’t depict the real situation of any country. Jeremy benthem was the first person who calculated the pain and pleasure by his doctrine and gave the parameters on which it depends. It is famously known as doctrine of hedonism.

The three men looked at each other fearfully, “We are being called murderers!” whispered the chief to the other two, “How ever could a court call us that?”

 “Next, they may hang us!” said the junior of the three, “I have an allergy to ropes, especially when they are round my neck!”

 “Your allergy might last just a few seconds!” opined the third man.

And as Covid lays low, not just lives but jobs and businesses and there is a feeling of despair all around, I decided I would fill today’s piece with quotes from those who spoke about failing, getting up and fighting, again and again and again. 

 “Our greatest glory is not in never falling; but in rising every time we fall!” Oliver Goldsmith.

 “In our country,” said the important looking official, from the transport department, “the speed breaker is a symbol. Do you know the kind of training the speed breaker makers undergo?

 “No,” I said. “I thought they were just ordinary masons.”

 “Ah, how little you know,” said the official passing a group of road repairers and giving them a smart salute, “they are a special team. See that man with the red cap in the middle, he has done his masters in speed breaking philosophy. He instructs his men as to whether the traffic should be rumbled out of their reverie, or jolted out of their fantasy.”