It was just the other day while shopping with my daughter, I noticed I was paying more attention to the pavement I was walking on than the display in the shop windows. I wondered for a moment and realized I was so scared of slipping on the uneven tiles that I didn’t dare look up, “You’re growing old Bob,” I said to myself and pondered over that not too happy a thought till I chanced to read this article by Douglas Mac Arthur:

It was just the other evening as the sun went down on another day, that a group of us talked of how lucky women were. “They don’t have to go out and slog like we do,” complained Ramesh. “So cool staying at home,” said Rajan.

 “I don’t think so,” said Ranjana as she pulled out a paper from her purse.

And as Trump, hees and haws about letting go of the presidency, Liberty, the statue calls out to him, “Baby Donny, now give your toy white house to Joe, you’ve had four full years of living there!”

 “No, I won’t! See I’m younger than he is, and tougher. Look at my broad shoulders and head full of hair, I will fight him, and not allow him to come in!”

Pain Management. Your Spring in Winter.

Dr. Amod Manocha

Temperatures in North India have started to dip with winters just round the corner. Do winters remind you of painful stiff joints and reduced mobility? Do they remind you of the phrase" feeling under the weather"?

A nightmare faced by air hostesses quite often, other than hijacks and terrorist attacks are people who want to walk past the food trolley to the toilet when food is being served. I was talking to Anne a pretty young flight steward, and she swore people did it on purpose or out of habit.