Even as musicians carefully wrap their instruments in satin felt, and place them inside cases, I urge them to bring them out. In a despairing world, it is art and creativity that shows beauty that will soon be here again, loveliness, that will bring hope into a despairing world.

There is a duty to be performed for the creators of art, for musicians, painters, and writers. Now is the time to bring out pen and paintbrush, now the time for strains of music to lift downtrodden souls.

In our great country not many awards are won through merit or hard work, most are won through right connections!

The stationmaster of the local suburban station came and stood by me, leaving his office in the capable hands of his assistant, “ There’s an award for the best kept station,” he whispered to me, spitting a wad of red betel nut leaves onto the platform.

If I’ve started writing late today, it’s because I spent the last hour or two, searching for my writing glasses. Now there’s something about searching for them;  you need another pair to search for this pair, and somehow or other, the spare pair which I keep handy for such occasions, disappears on such occasions!

Which brings me to the fact that some manufacturer has a gold mine waiting for him, if he makes a pair which appears when you want it: Let’s call them ‘amazing spectacles’

Players win, players lose, players prepare, players practise, players get

hurt but players get up. No matter what the outcome is, players keep playin..!.

After years of hard work, Thomas Carlyl finished the manuscript of his book and gave it to a friend to read. The friend's housekeeper mistook the manuscript for trash and threw into the fire. When she got the news, Carlyl's wife couldn't hold back her tears. His friend stood trembling, and Carlyl himself was speechless. Finally, with a display of remarkable courage and restraint he said, "Accidents like these happen."

They were quiet as they came back from their neighbour's house with their little one fast asleep on his father’s shoulder; they’d gone over for dinner, and the husband had noticed his wife growing quiet as the evening progressed, “What’s the problem?” he asked her as they let themselves into their own house.

 “Nothing!” said his wife quietly.

 “Come on, out with it,” he said gruffly.