SAGE Fellowship 2019

Scholarship Description: Leo & Mike Co. is providing a 10 week fellowship to teaching professionals who wish to explore and develop skills in teaching and education. The fellowship program includes a chance to attend rigorous pedagogy and delivery training with stipends to learn and implement teaching skills.

Eligibility Criteria: Applicants between 17 to 65 years of age, interested in learning modern teaching skills and hone pedagogy qualities may apply for this fellowship. Working and non-working professionals who accept the training program location of Hyderabad for 10 weeks, are welcome to apply.

Prize and awards: Selected fellows will be provided ₹60,000 stipend for the 10 weeks program

Last date of application: February 28, 2019

Mode of application: Online applications submitted along with applicant CV are accepted for this fellowship

Scholarship Information Link:


Project Oriented Biology Education (POBE) 2019

Scholarship Description: Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research is inviting applications from the 1st-year B.Sc. students from any science stream for this summer program. A Diploma in Biology will be awarded upon the successful completion of three summer programs of 6-8 weeks.

Eligibility Criteria:1st-year students of B.Sc. programme from any science stream can apply for this summer project.

Prize and awards: INR 10,000 p.m. will be given as fellowship amount. Applicants who complete POBE programme with outstanding performance will be eligible for admission to the MS-PhD programme of the Centre subject to satisfactory performance in the interview.

Last date of application: March 08, 2019

Mode of application: Applications can be made offline only via post.

Scholarship Information Link:


Pearson Research Funding 2019, University of Warwick, UK

Scholarship Description: Pearson PLC and University of Warwick, United Kingdom announces a research fellowship in the field of language assessment and pedagogy. This fellowship allows researchers to use the Pearson Academic data and derive solutions for language assessments applicable globally.

Eligibility Criteria: Language studies enthusiasts who are faculty members, doctoral students and freelance researchers in the respective field may apply for the fellowship.

Prize and awards: Fellowship amount from GBP2000 to GBP30000 will be provided to selected fellows depending on research duration and quality of merit in research proposal.

Last date of application: February 20, 2019

Mode of application: Applications to be submitted online via email

Scholarship Information Link: 

Courtesy: www.buddy4

ICMR-DHR International Fellowships for Young Indian Biomedical Scientists 2019

Scholarship Description: The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) and the Department of Health Research (DHR) announces this fellowship program for young Indian biomedical scientists who wish to pursue research projects.

Eligibility Criteria: Indian applicants with MS, MD or Ph.D. in health and biomedical research fields with experience of 3 years or more in teaching or research roles are eligible for this fellowship.

Prize and awards: Selected fellows will be provided a chance to conduct the stipulated research project for a duration of 6 to 12 months with monthly stipend of USD 3000, excursion airfare, and a contingency grant of USD 50000 for research related expenses.

Last date of application: February 28, 2019

Mode of application: Only online applications are accepted

Scholarship Information Link:


Prakriti Research Fellowship 2019-20

Scholarship Description: Centre for Applied Research and People's Engagement (CARPE) invites applications from Independent Researchers and Small NGOs to run nature conservation projects for direct, tangible, long-term impact. The fellowship will fund such projects based on their social impact merits.

Eligibility Criteria: Independent Indian researchers who are self-motivated and passionate about nature conservation. Small NGOs and conservations groups in India can also apply for this fellowship.

Prize and awards: Selected fellows and their projects will be funded by CARPE to the tune of ₹200000 (2 Lakhs).

Last date of application: February 28, 2019

Mode of application: Online applications

Scholarship Information Link:


Turkiye Scholarships 2019

Scholarship Description: Turkey Government is inviting applications from young and bright under-graduates, graduates, post-graduates and doctoral candidates, who are looking forward to pursue full-time or short-term program at the top universities in Turkey. The scholarship call intends to strengthen cooperation and understanding between the two countries.

Eligibility Criteria: The applicant must have 70% in class 12 with age no more than 21 years, 75% in Bachelor's or Master's degree with age less than 30 years and 90% academic merit is expected for Health Science application with age no more than 35 years. 

Prize and awards: Various scholarship amount of TRY 400 p.m. to TRY 1400 p.m. is offered, depending on the program opted. Additionally, tuition fee waiver, flight tickets, health insurance accommodation and one-year Turkish language course is also proposed. 

Last date of application: February 20, 2019

Mode of application: Only online applications are accepted

Scholarship Information Link: 


Police Memorial Fund Scholarship 2018-19

Description:Intelligence Bureau, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India is providing for the wards of IB officials and Policemen martyred on duty, with financial assistance for attaining quality education. The Bureau will continue to monitor and assist winners of the program during their education.

Eligibility:This scholarship program is applicable for children of non-gazetted Police Department or Intelligence Bureau martyrs. Only recommended applications by officials higher than Superintendent of Police/Assistant Director/Commandant ranks are accepted for this scholarship.

Prizes & Rewards:Financial assistance to selected applicants pursuing professional courses and general academic university courses.

Last Date to apply:February 28, 2019

Application Mode:Applications are to be sent via post.

Short Source URL:

New E-commerce Scholarship 2018-2019

Description: MoArmouz is organizing this essay competition-based scholarship for E-commerce and electronics enthusiasts. Students who have interest in both the fields and wish to express their knowledge at an international front can submit their essay entries for this scholarship.

Eligibility: Students above age 17 studying at any accredited institution of higher education in India are invited to submit their essay entries for this scholarship.

Prizes & Rewards: MoArmouz will directly fund the education of selected winner of the scholarship program by paying their academic expenses up to USD 1500.

Last Date to Apply: February 28, 2019

Application Mode: Only online submission of essay is accepted

Short Source URL:

IITM Summer Fellowship Programme 2019

Description: Indian Institute of Technology, Madras is providing two months of paid research summer fellowship to students pursuing graduate studies in any field of Engineering, Management, Sciences and Humanities. The fellowship aims to enhance awareness and interest in high-quality academic research through a goal-oriented summer mini-project.

Eligibility: Engineering students pursuing the 3rd year of their BTech/BE/BSc or 3rd/4th year of their integrated MTech/M.E. may apply for this scholarship. Applications from MBA/MA/students in their 1st year and full-time MTech/ME students of 1st year are also accepted for this short research programme.

Prizes & Rewards: Applicants will get the chance to research based training under a summer mini-project with monthly stipend worth ₹6000 each for 2 months.

Last Date to Apply: February 28, 2019

Application Mode: Online applications accepted

Short Source URL: 



CA (Dr) Ruchi Gupta, Founder and CEO,

In India, Infectious Disease are the major causes of Deaths, which account for more than half of all deaths in children. An important contributing factor to the enormous burden of ill health is the lack of access to good quality diagnostic testing. Diagnostic lab is an important component in healthcare.

Most critical treatment decisions are based on diagnostic lab results and with the advent of Information Technology and Computer, people are becoming more and more health conscious. So it became very important to choose your diagnostic centre wisely. The Most Desirable characteristics of the best diagnostic labs are as follows-

Reliability – Reliability is considered to be one of the most important factor while choosing up of the best diagnostic lab, as your doctor will provide you the medication based on these test only. Keeping the reliability factor is mind, one of the leading chains of diagnostic centre, 3HCare, provide the detail accreditation of the diagnostic labs available on this online portal which ensure transparency too. After the advent of 3HCare, it has been observed that there has been an increase in the number of people coming forward for their preventive health checkups.

Accessibility – Easy accessibility for all has proved to be a boon especially for elderly people who find it difficult to visit the diagnostic centre early morning, empty stomach. The advancement of technology eradicates the need of going to lab for appointments and collection of report , as the report is mailed to you. 3HCare maintain the complete data base of the patient for easy access as well as future consultations.

Get tested at convenient Time- Busy working professionals does not get enough time to go for the health checkups at desired location. The online technology helps in scheduling their test as per their time availability. The price transparency at 3HCare portal helps in creating awareness of the best prices and offers available at all the diagnostic labs.

Early diagnosis and treatment not only reduces the risk of patient developing long term complications  but for disease such as  TB, HIV and many more reduces the chances of transmission of disease to other members of community’. So while opting for a diagnostic lab the following things should be kept in mind kept in mind

Expertise – Experience and skill are the two most important aspects that should be kept in mind while choosing the diagnostic labs. Both these aspects ensure accurate results. The pathologist and lab technicians should be skilled and experienced.

Accuracy of Report- There is no space for human error when it comes to diagnostic test. It is essential that the test reports should be accurate without any error as, the wrong treatment will cost serious consequences

Latest Technology – The test should be done using latest technology as it will help in providing high quality diagnostic services. At the same time the pathologists and lab technicians should be given proper knowledge on how to operate these latest technology and heavy machinery. 

Patient diagnosed early can and learn strategies and tips to better cope and manage with the symptoms and the disease. Early diagnosis is the key to live higher quality of life for the person afflicted, less stress for family and more time to treasure the present and prepare for the future.


HP Offers Scholarship to the Under Privileged with its Udaan Program

Are you a bright studentstruggling to pursue your studies out of financial inability?Working along with studies yet finding hard to meet the finances? Or,considering to drop your studiespost class 10 or 12? If your answers are yes, then HP Udaan Scholarship Program 2018-19 is the right opportunity for you to continue your education hassle free.

This scholarship covers every stream of subject; science, arts and commerce, for class 11, 12 and graduation. It even accepts applications from candidates who dropped out of education post class 10 and class 12. The scholarship call caters not just professional programs, but also, one-year to three-year diploma, ITI courses.

If this seems befitting your educational profile, one may submit his or her candidature byFebruary 26, 2019.

Following are the mandatory conditions one must fulfill while making their submissions:

Post Class 10:

               The applicant must have cleared matriculation in the academic session 2017-18.

               He/ She must be enrolled in class 11 or in the first year of diploma or ITI course.

               Applicants can also be enrolled for the one-year diploma course post class 10.

Post Class 12:

               The applicant must have cleared higher secondary in the academic session 2017-18.

               He/She must be enrolled in the first year of under-graduation program or in the first year of the three-year diploma program.

The applicant’s family income shouldn’t be more than INR 4L per annum and must secure 60% in the previous qualifying examination.

A total of 750 scholarships will be provided to selected applicants based on the following details:

               1-Year Scholarship for Diploma/ITI students: 275 scholarships worth INR 20,000 each

               2-Year Scholarships for students enrolled in Class 11: 250 scholarships worth INR 20,000 per year each

               3-Year Scholarships for Undergraduate students: 225 scholarships worth INR 30,000 per year each

Attention: 50% reservation is offered to girl applicants in every section.

Exception: The program does not cover four-year degree courses.

Applications for this scholarship is accepted online only through this link

For additional queries, one may reach out to this helpline number: +91-8448709545.