And as Trump, hees and haws about letting go of the presidency, Liberty, the statue calls out to him, “Baby Donny, now give your toy white house to Joe, you’ve had four full years of living there!”

 “No, I won’t! See I’m younger than he is, and tougher. Look at my broad shoulders and head full of hair, I will fight him, and not allow him to come in!”

A nightmare faced by air hostesses quite often, other than hijacks and terrorist attacks are people who want to walk past the food trolley to the toilet when food is being served. I was talking to Anne a pretty young flight steward, and she swore people did it on purpose or out of habit.

Mine did, just now!

“What’s happening?” asked my dusty brown pair, now looking almost black after being unused for the last eight months or so, “We used to be your source of pride! You even got a family member to bring special polish from New York, for us to retain the exact shade, and now your brush hasn’t touched us for months, nor your feet?”

“I’m sorry!” I said.

’Twas just three years ago, seventy-three voices, including mine, and an orchestra of thirty-one raised their voices, violins, violas, cellos, oboes, clarinets, bassoons, french horns, trumpets, trombones, and a timpani, making glorious music! There must have been a smile on Mozart’s face somewhere in the heavens as he heard Indians from Mumbai, Chennai and Sri Lanka, and musicians from the former states of the Soviet Union, soloists from Italy, all blending their talents together to form melodious harmony!

It’s November again, and my mind goes to that Night of Terror twelve years ago, I was just a few feet away as hundreds died! The Press Club in Mumbai where I was spending that evening and finally the whole night, is situated a few hundred feet from both the CST station where innocents were mercilessly gunned down, and the Madam Cama hospital where others were ruthlessly shot point blank that night, and a kilometer from the Taj Hotel where mass executions took place. As gunshots receded, we heard the sound of the lone jeep which sped down the road outside, and which carried the three brave officers who became lifeless bodies in a few minutes.