By Maneesha Nath

As Bobbi Brown rightly said; “I believe all women are pretty without Make-up but with the right Make-up can be PRETTY POWERFUL.

Always remember Inner beauty is great but a little lipstick never hurts. 

To start with let us go back to the history of Make-up for a better understanding.  Make-up has been around for at least 6000 years and has played a role in nearly every society.

In 4000bc, Ancient Egyptians used unguent to keep their skin hydrated, supple and wrinkle free. So women apply dark green colour to the under lid. They blacken the lashes and the upper lid with kohl, which is sometimes made from soot.

In 1000bc, Persian women used henna dyes to stain their hair and faces.

In the 1st century, Romans used kohl, rouge and chalk to whiten their skin.

In late 1800s, Victorian women plucked their eyebrows, massage castor oil into their eyelashes, used rice powder on their face and buff their nails. They rubbed beetroot juice on their lips and cheeks as lipstick and blush.

In 1820, RIMMEL created the first non toxic Mascaras which today, is a well known brand across.

In 1910s, the first pressed powder was introduced and it included a mirror and puff for touch ups. Pressed blush was invented soon after this.

Vogue featured Turkish women using HENNA to outline their eyes in 1914. Max Factor started selling Make-up to movie stars in 1914 and then in 1920s Max Factor introduced Lip Gloss. The first eyelash curler was also invented then.  Mascara in cake and cream forms became popular soon after.

In the 1950s Movie star Audrey Hepburn popularised the most famous Outlined Cat Eyes. 

Eye shadows and lined eyes are so trendy that any makeup is incomplete with this. This magic (eye shadows and lined eye liner) was invented in the 1970s and continues till date.

In 1990s cosmetics begin to combat wrinkles and cellulite and Botox injections became a popular anti ageing technique in 2002 and it continues.

As the history itself suggest, there have been inventions after inventions in the Make-up world, in a bid to bring out the best in you. As a Make-up Artist, I personally feel and strongly support that it’s the basic right of a person to look his/her best and believe me, the right Make-up works wonders. 

With this introduction on Make-up, I would be explaining my readers on how to select the right Make-up for the right occasion and thus enhance the beauty in you. So watch out for our weekly column in Andaman Chronicle – “Adara – Your Make-up Expert” by your very own Maneesha Nath.  

About the Author: “It doesn’t matter what others do. What matters is, what you are capable of. The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.”

Maneesha Nath hails from Andaman & Nicobar Islands and has a diploma in aviation and hospitality. She did her industrial training from the Republic of Maldives and later was placed at the Bangalore International Airport as a guest relations officer. While continuing to work, Maneesha completed her graduation through correspondence but there was something lacking in her. Not knowing how to proceed, she decided to join a diploma in Makeup Artistry.  It was the turning point in her life, when she realized, this is what she always wanted to be – a Makeup Artist.  

Maneesha has since then assisted for brand shoots, portfolio, bridal projects among others. Her first individual project as a makeup artist for a portfolio shoot was of the model/ actress Avni Modi (Madhur Bhandarkar’s movie: Calendar Girls), which was followed by more bridal projects and brand shoots, serial, portfolio and many more.


By Buvnesh

In any kind of exercise / sport, stretching is one of the first things to be implemented in the training program. It is considered one of the fundamental requirements, which must be acquired before getting involved with more sports specific work. Even more, mobility work has become so important that every sport has adopted its own specific stretching regime.

Benefits of Stretching:

-Stretching before and after exercise allows the body to gently pull on all the muscles that will be used, or have been used, decreasing the chance of tearing and injury when a muscle tears that is when injury happens. If a person jumps right into an exercise routine without stretching first a tear is one of the worst things that can happen the most common pain to happen is stiffness.

-Stretching before and after reduces the stiffness that occurs with exercise. If a person gets too stiff they are likely to not continue with the exercise and it will affect their overall fitness. Stretching after an exercise routine allows the muscles to expand and relax over the tense parts of the body.

-Stretching before and after a typical exercise routine will help your body and be so important to fitness. Stretching unblocks twisted nerves, it allows the nerve and the muscle to better connect, it helps to correctly position muscle fibres and it is a great strength builder.

-Lubricating substance from the cartilage within the joints aids the fluid motion of muscles and keeps bones from scraping against one another at connection points in the body.

-Stretching increases flexibility. Flexible muscles can improve daily performance. Tasks such as lifting packages, bending to tie shoelaces or hurrying to catch a bus become easier and less tiring.

-Stretching improves range of motion of joints and improves posture. Good range of motion keeps an individual in better balance and less prone to falls — and the related injuries — especially as the age progresses.

-Stretching improves circulation. Stretching increases blood flow to the muscles. Improved circulation can speed recovery after muscle injuries.

-Stretching in between your workout routine also helps by enhancing the effect of the workout and avoid stiffness during sets.

Therefore never forget to stretch yourselves before any workout.  Until then, keep grinding! Ciao, till next week! 

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Since elections in quite a few constituencies are over I decided to visit some of those who had stood for the elections and find out what they were doing, “Where is your husband?” I asked the wife of an independent candidate, who had lost his deposit in the last ten elections he had stood in.

“Busy preparing his victory speech!” she said, a pleased look on her face.

“But he’s never won till now?” I asked surprised.

“He gives the speech to all who voted for him!” she said.

“When and where?” I asked.

“On 23rd May in our bedroom!” she said, “He stands on the cot and thanks me! But this time he’s in for a surprise!”

“Why?” I asked.

“I didn’t vote for him!” she whispered with a pleased look.

The next candidate I visited was busy going round his house instructing a contractor about something, “What are you doing?” I asked.

“I’m making an outer wall, around this wall!” he said as the contractor nodded.

“For security?” I asked.

“No, to store all the bribe money people will now come to give me for something or other. The space between the two walls, will fool the income tax people!” And the contractor nodded in agreement.

I moved away as I saw an army of masons entering and then saw the chief from the ruling party. “How are you spending your time?” I asked pleasantly.

“I am expecting a visitor!” he said with a smile and the next moment a bullet proof car drove up and a dimple cheeked young man got out and walked over to the chief from the ruling party and hugged him.

“You do have a 56 inch chest!” said the dimple cheeked young man.

“And you are not really a pappu!” said the man from the ruling party smiling, “Come let us go in and have a chai. I still make good tea!”

“Whoa! Whoa!” I shouted to the watchman, “Those two are….”

“Yes sir! Yes sir!” said the watchman, “They are just making plans that in case they both don’t get enough seats, they will come together and form a government!”

“But they fought each other tooth and nail and the voters for both were distinctly different!” I said shocked.

“Sir!” said the watchman, “Politics makes strange….!”

“Yes! Yes! I know!” I said, and slunk back to my room deciding not to do any more checking about what the others were doing. I just didn’t want anymore shocks..! 

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Category:  Means cum Merit

Scholarship: Kind Scholarship for Young Women

Description: Buddy4Study India Foundation has announced this scholarship for the girl students in class 9 and above, who are facing financial hurdles in their pursuit to continue their education. As a part of the program, need-based scholarship assistance is provided to eligible and meritorious applicants.

Eligibility: Any girl student in class 9 and above till post-graduation, ITI, polytechnic, vocational and professional courses like CS, CA and others are eligible to apply. The applicant's family income shouldn't be more than INR 4L and must have a minimum of 60% marks in the previous examination.

Prizes & Rewards: INR 6000 a year for class 9 and 10, INR 12,000 a year for class 11 and 12 and INR 18,000 a year for girls in polytechnic, ITI, diploma, graduation and other courses.

Last Date to Apply: May 31, 2019

Application Mode: Online applications only

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Category:  Means Based

Scholarship: HDFC Bank Educational Crisis Scholarship Support 2019

Description: HDFC Bank has announced this scholarship for students who are economically challenged and are victims of the crisis in their family. The program is aimed at financially aiding them in continuing their education at a critical time and reducing dropout rates from schools.

Eligibility:  Class 6 to 12, undergraduate, postgraduate or doctoral students pursuing any full-time, part-time course, ITI, diploma, polytechnic, Ph.D. course from recognized institutions and facing any family crisis (orphaned, terminal illness/death of earning member, physical disability etc.) since last 3 years or less.

Prizes & Rewards:  ₹10,000 as the one-time amount to selected school students and ₹25,000 to selected university, ITI, Diploma and Polytechnic students.

Last Date to Apply: June 15, 2019

Application Mode: Online applications only

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Category:  Merit-cum-Means based

Scholarship: GEV Memorial Merit Scholarship 2019 for Law Students

Description: Dr. Goolam E. Vahanvati Scholarship Fund is providing scholarships to students pursuing law degree courses across the nation to study at premier law institutions. This scholarship program will provide students a chance to be mentored by elite judiciary communities of India.

Eligibility: Indian students pursuing LLB/LLM courses in any year of their course curriculum, at premier law institutions of India may apply for this scholarship. Students who have cleared CLAT, LSAT-India, AILET, or any other law entrance exam in 2019 may also apply. Applicants’ family income should not be more than ₹10.00 Lakhs per annum. Every applicant should have scored at least 60% in class 10 and 12 exams.

Prizes & Rewards:  Selected scholars will be awarded a scholarship sum of ₹50,000 to ₹2.00 Lakhs per year to pay for academic expenses. Scholars would also receive training and mentorship.

Last Date to Apply:  May 31, 2019

Application Mode: Apply online

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By Buvnesh

The bench press is a compound movement (including two or more muscles) which helps in developing the pectoral muscles (chest muscles), and increasing the mass of the upper body. 

Steps in doing a bench press:

1. Lie down on the exercise bench with your feet wide apart in such a way that they help balance your body while performing the exercise. Use a fairly wide grip i.e. slightly wider than your shoulders.

2. Now lower the weights towards your chest about nipple level and then push it back up overhead. Inhale deeply as you lower the weights and exhale while pushing the weights overhead.

3. Keep your chest up at all times, maintain an arch in the lower back, and keep your feet flexed.

Stick to the rep range between 9-25 rep in total i.e. 3 sets of 3 reps (or) 5 sets of 5 reps and no more.

One can go upto 12-25 reps if defining your pectoral muscles is your goal, i.e. 4 sets of 8-12 reps, progressively increasing the weights. Developing a proportionate chest takes a while and a lot of hard work. So start benching with weights according to your goals.

Until then, keep grinding! Ciao, till next week! 

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