Have been reading with interest and rising concern, the sexual misbehavior charges levelled against the Chief Justice of India, and the different reactions from many I am in touch witheveryday. Sadly, most of them cast aspersions on the victim, and unfortunately this is what happens with most cases of sexual harassment, rape or molestation.

I was at a gathering a few months ago, when a lady and a very intelligent one, I was talking to announced that she a teacher had filed sexual harassment charges against a master in the school where she had taught. She then recounted with sadness that it was just a matter of time before the school gave not the master, but her, marching orders!

It was a school belonging to one of the most powerful industrialists in the country, and the master concerned used to be flown by helicopter quite often to teach the children of this rich gentleman. The school did not think that what they were doing was allowing atiger loose in a sheepfold! They did not think that this same man, now hugely emboldened would do even worse in an environment which had not just other female teachers but girl students.

No, all, they thought of was to save their man!

Let’s not take the role of a judge and decide who is innocent and who isn’t, what I would like you to ponder on today is,what is your reaction to any woman who fights the muscled mighty?

“Let it be!” “You won’t win!” “Why waste your health, money and career!” “Men are like that!”

Did you ever think that with every one of these predators going free, your daughter, sister or even mother is not safe? That knowing they can get away with it, they carry on regardless?

Did you ever think, that by supporting that lone woman, you guard your own? Have you ever realized that by making it difficult for her, by discouraging her, by laughing behind her back, it could well be your woman, who’s the next victim?

Do you know what a lonely fight it is? You don’t? Then in your mind, turn and look at your wife, your daughter and place them where this lady or young girl is trying to cry for justice.

Dare to put your woman on the anvil where the victim is. After that turn and lend muscle to these of the gentler sex;form a brigade, an army and a nation that will not tolerate this nonsense from any man, whether he be from the richest family, in the most powerful post or another vagabond!

Hear their cry, and dare to act on it..! 

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By Buvnesh

Anyone joining a gym needs to have thorough knowledge of his physical and cardiovascular capacity. This can easily be done with the help of a ‘Check-List”.  My ‘Check-List’ is a set of functional movements that help me understand my clients’ capacity, and plan a workout, based on their individual weaknesses and strengths.

There are certain functional movements that we all do daily, while performing normal, routine tasks. 

SQUATS: A very common example of a squat would be sitting on and getting up from, a chair. Depth is important in a Squat; the lowest one can go is parallel to the floor. How widely placed one’s feet are, that is stance, has to be taken care of. If the knees point forward as one squats, then the ankles need to be fixed. And if they point sideways, then the stance needs to be fixed.    

PUSH-UPS: There are about 99 or even more variations of push-ups but the traditional push-ups is enough to access a person’s push capacity.

PULL-UPS: Pull-ups are extremely helpful in building up strength.

SIT-UPS and PLANKS help determine a person’s core strength.

DEAD-LIFTS helps to access a person’s lower back capacity as one lifts weights off the ground.

The TREADMILL helps to access a person’s cardiovascular capacity. For those who cannot run well on a treadmill, there is the option for spot running and skipping.

What one looks for when the above mentioned movements are performed is the posture, point of fatigue, etc. a good posture helps avoid injuries, and hit the muscle targeted.

So friends, get started, hit the gym and stay fit! Ciao, till next week!

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By Buvnesh

What is a steroid?

Anabolic steroids are man-made substances used by an individual to increase their performance, increasing muscle-mass and various other reasons. Steroids mimic natural hormones present in one’s body.

Within a day of using steroids the genes in our body changes, Anabolics enter the cells and attaches itself to our DNA as it is very easy for a steroid particle to enter our cells and bind with the androgen receptor and enter the nucleus. This happens at a large, which activates number of genes together and increase protein synthesis. This in return results in more nuclei in certain muscles.

All anabolic steroids available in the market are androgens, meaning they all are testosterone derivatives.

Earlier in the day when I started to workout, all I knew were protein shakes and sweat in the gym. But now-a-days when any Individual hits the gym, the first thing they have in mind is steroids and why is that? This is because the results are mesmerizing; that is what allures you, attracts you to it and you completely neglect the side effects. But one thing you should know is that the after-effects awaits you right in the corner and it won’t be easy on you.

Before, protein shakes and bodybuilding went hand in hand but in today’s era, hitting the gym means to inject steroids or to take anabolic tablets. And that has given this beautiful sport a bad name, and that breaks my heart.

Bodybuilding is about hitting the iron, pumping those weights till you can do no more, till your muscles cannot store the pumps. And even after that stage of muscle failure you feel like doing more and more. That is bodybuilding for me, and for many other athletes out there.

One thing which is very obvious is that, by using steroids you are putting in substances that are already produced by your body. Since you are doing it synthetically it stores as excess in your body. After a period of time your body stops responding to the steroid. This also stops the natural production of hormone in our body and hence the production is completely shut.

How do Steroids Work?

Anabolism means “to Build Muscle” and Catabolism means “Breakdown of Muscles”. Bodybuilders or athletes use anabolic steroids to build muscles and avoid catabolism.

When a bodybuilder or any person uses Anabolic Steroid his/her capacity to build muscles increases. And how is that? It’s simple because your muscles absorb each and every gram of protein consumed by you. Hence, your muscle protein synthesis increase and you start building lean muscle mass.

The main role of steroids when it comes to bodybuilding is to build muscle or to increase muscle protein synthesis. Muscles are made of fiber and protein. When you workout, you voluntarily break down your muscles. Your muscle fibers tear and require healing. Having a protein shake will definitely help you, but to repair any muscle it takes 24-48 hours depending on the size of the muscle group.


When you work on biceps, a smaller muscle group, it takes 24 hours for your biceps to recover after having a protein shake. Once you are under the influence of a steroid, this 24 hours will reduce to as low as 14-16 hours. That is how effective a steroid is.

A steroid increases muscle protein synthesis and reduces muscle breakdown, a very important thing when it comes to building muscles.

Who is it for?

Anyone and everyone, from a professional athlete to a normal person can use steroids. If you ask me, if it is necessary, well my answer is not really.

Performance enhancing drugs have been known since a very early era and have been used by competitive athletes.

Our body’s capacity to endure/ repair is limited and one requires a push after a certain point of time and that is when people opt for steroids.

Side Effects of Steroids:

Using steroids has some permanent damages that it causes to your body such as enlargement of your heart, partial or permanent failure of kidneys, liver damage, high blood pressure which makes a person prone to a heart attack.

Females who use testosterone may experience enlargement of clitoris, increased libido and showcase male like features like deepening of voice, facial structure changes and excess growth of hair on face and body.

Similarly, men who use steroids may increase libido, permanent or partial shutdown of the body’s capacity to produce testosterone.

Anyone who uses steroids would display sudden signs of anger aka “Roid Rage”. They show signs of mistrust and become highly skeptical. Hallucinate every now and then. Some other side effects include hair fall, oily skin among others. These are some known side effects but Steroids do more bad than good. Although the results are mesmerizing; the side effects are worse.

Bodybuilding is more about lifting heavy than injecting heavy. So go heavy on weights and not anabolics.


In case you have any queries related to supplementation or fitness related queries, feel free to contact me and I’ll be more than happy to help you.

Until then, keep grinding. 

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As I watch and listen to the rhetoric of todays leaders, the chest thumping, war mongering, communally stirring talk, I hasten to add that peace cannot come like this. Yes, there will be moments of false peace, like the lull before a storm, like the cease-fire when night settles on troops, but all this shouting and yelling and shrill shrieking is just injecting into the so called foe, a feeling of helplessness that will translate into a vicious backlash that has more power in its muscle than trained troops can handle.

Something I’ve learned in life is that the man who fights with his back against the wall inflicts more damage than who he fights against.

We don’t want that.

We don’t want our nation destroyed by trumpeting braggarts, and we are not talking of only national leaders but even many in WhatsApp groups, who use fingers, thumb and time overtime to mock, jeer and lampoon those from other communities, and yet these same fellows when they go abroad will be the most quiet and law abiding people found anywhere.


Their strength comes in their numbers.

And the feeling is that if we have the numbers, we can force a peace on those with lesser numbers.

But peace cannot come like this!

Peace come by being inclusive: A few years ago, I watched as children in the colony I lived in chased away tenants from playing table tennis in the society club house. As chairman, I immediately saw to it that we passed a rule that all tenants could enjoy all the facilities in the colony, be it cricket, or even the lunches and dinners we had. With this one move, we found that any problem of car parking or loud music or late-night noise was solved with a just a discussion and a hand shake.

Peace came by being inclusive, not by using numbers to brow beat the minority tenants.

Videos showing gangs lynching a singe person, are just visual acts of cowardice, just as much as political leaders addressing meetings praising or criticizing one community or another.

Why did I bring the tenants into the fold, not just to make them feel inclusive but also recognizing the fact that the law stated they had equal rights to the others in the colony.

And that is exactly what our constitution states, that every single citizen in this country, is equal: No Hindus, Muslims, Christians etc! Only Indians.

And if after this election, these members swear by the Constitution of this country, which they will have to, then they are bound to see that every citizen is treated the same.

Because, my dear winners of the next election, peace cannot come any other way, and in case you don’t believe me, invest in a history book, of course, one which hasn’t been recently tampered with, and you will find what I’m saying is true; peace cannot come like this..! 

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