CLP India Scholarship Scheme 2019 

Description: CLP India has announced scholarships for students pursuing their higher education from class 10 to post graduation, including diploma and vocational training. This scheme provides a partial financial support to aspiring students for their study with added emphasis on girl students.

Eligibility: Candidates residing in CLP plant locations in 7 states, which are Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Rajasthan, MP, Karnataka and pursuing class 10-12, graduation, diploma, vocational training and post-graduation. Candidates must have scored 50% in their previous annual examination.

Prizes & Rewards: Up to INR 6000 for class 10-12 and up to INR 18000 for higher studies. Special incentive of up to INR 5000 for girls and INR 2500 for boys is also available. Total 850 students will receive scholarships.

Last Date to Apply: April 15, 2019

Application Mode: Online applications are accepted.

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Sambhavana Fellowship 2019-20

Description: AnhadPravah Community is inviting applications from students interested in the leadership programme in the field of education to attend a 9-month fellowship program on developing education system in sub-urban areas of the country.

Eligibility: Applicants who are students of social sciences or fields related to education. and are between 18 to 30 years of age with minimum 1 year of experience in teaching/volunteering role at a school/educational institution may apply for this fellowship.

Prizes & Rewards: Selected scholars will receive a monthly stipend of ₹7000 for the complete duration of 9-month long fellowship

Last Date to Apply: April 15, 2019

Application Mode: Online applications only

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Charpak Master's Program 2019, France

Description: Campus France company is providing Indian students with an opportunity to get scholarships for their master’s degree education in France which covers their academic expenses, living expenses and travel expenses among other benefits.

Eligibility: Indian nationals with graduation degree or employed professionals with a work experience not more than 3 years; seeking admission to master’s courses applying for or already accepted at French Institutions for Master’s Degree courses in France may apply. The applicant must not be above 30 years of age.

Prizes & Rewards: Tuition fee support up to EUR 5000, medical insurance coverage of up to EUR 300 p.a. and living allowance of up to EUR 700 to the selected scholar. The scholarship also covers one-time to-and-fro airfare of the scholar, student visa expenses and assistance for accommodation.

Last Date to Apply: April 15, 2019

Application: Apply online

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By Buvnesh & Nidhi

The answer to my last quiz was, “Chest”. During a plank your Chest is the only muscle group that isn’t worked on.

What is a Supplement?

To many people who are not familiar to this term; supplements are nothing but nutrients/minerals that are added to your diet through a manufactured source. A supplement is a compound that describes a nutrient, a formulation, or some type of compound that is “drug-free” or “natural.”

Usually when one’s daily intake of macro and micro nutrients, which consists mainly of carbohydrates, proteins, fats and other vitamins, minerals are not met to the minimum amount required; a supplement is added to the diet.

But when it comes to Bodybuilding, the main supplement that is required to build muscles is a protein supplement; preferably with carbohydrates.

Why a Protein Supplement?

To maintain, repair and increase lean muscle mass. The first way a supplement might help you build muscle, lose fat, and improve your health is simply by making up for deficiencies.

A person whose goal is to build muscle or to lose weight; a supplement would definitely help them reach their goals much faster and efficiently by maintaining in- muscle protein balance. Of course a natural diet would also help to do so, but it’ll take much longer than expected. Simply because one cannot eat the required amount of proteins is not met to facilitate his/her goal

For Example: A person who weighs 100 kgs has to eat 80 grams of quality protein in a day, just so that his diet isn’t deficit of protein.

Now to complete the goal of 80 grams, which is bare minimum of that person; he/she has to consume around 250 grams of chicken breast or roughly 25 boiled eggs or 350 grams of fish in one day, 900 grams of lentils.

How much protein in one day?

A sedentary man requires 0.8 grams of protein per kg of his body weight. So, if a man weighs 77kgs; his protein intake should be 0.8 grams x 77kgs which equals 61.6 grams per day. A female requires 0.6g of protein per kg of her body weight.

However, the above stated quantity are just to meet the bare minimum requirement i.e. they do not go into a state where they are deficient of protein.

However, when it comes to building lean muscle mass these numbers can go up to 1-1.2 g per kg of body weight.

How does a Protein Supplement help?

A protein supplement simply helps by making up for any deficit (s) in ones diet. Proteins are the building blocks of one’s body, made up of amino acids. It is a building block for your muscles, bones, skin, cartilage, and blood.

In short, your whole body; from the tip of your hair to your toe nails are made up of proteins.

When a person goes to the gym or does any physical activity, he/she is under stress for that stipulated period of time. They undergo a series of activities that demands high levels of energy, high quality of energy, which is very important for any person to make them perform better. Adding a supplement would help improve one’s performance, simply by making up for the deficiencies and improving their performance by improving the quality of protein supplied to their muscles.

Where can you get Proteins from?

There are various sources of protein which include Veg and Non-veg sources. Non-Veg sources such as beef, pork, poultry and seafood.

Vegetarian sources include; beans and lentils, eggs, dairy, and soy products, nuts, and seeds.

Some meats have greater nutritional value as compared to other meats as they come under the category of “lean meat”, which simply means, no-fat in the source.

Non-animal sources or Vegetarian sources of protein are also a good source of protein but the amino profile is lower as compared to a Non-veg source. That doesn’t mean that a Vegetarian source of protein is bad in any way.

Types of Protein:

There are mainly five types of proteins.

1.  Whey Concentrate or Raw Protein: Whey Concentrate/Raw Protein, as the name suggests, is the protein extracted from milk that doesn’t undergo any further processing. This type of whey is generally hard to digest.

2. Whey Protein: Whey is a fast acting protein. Your body absorbs the amino acids quickly and can utilise the nutrients right away. This is the most common form of protein being used. This is made by breaking down whey concentrate.

3. Casein: Casein is a slow digesting protein. A good alternative for a meal.

4. Hydrolysed: A hydrolysed protein or a protein hydrolysate is a type of protein which is already “digested” or hydrolysed (with water). Whey protein is further broken down to this form so that it is digested easily by the body.

5. Isolated: A whey isolate is a type of protein, which is processed further to remove maximum amount of fat and carbohydrates. This type of protein is suitable for people on a strict diet.

When to take a Supplement?

Here are a few tips on when to consume a quality protein supplement to help maximise the muscle-building potential. First and most importantly, consume a protein-rich supplement (preferably with carbohydrates) right after a workout. This is the time when your body requires aminos the most and prevents your body from catabolism.

Next, try consuming a protein supplement first thing in the morning to maintain nitrogen balance, this prevents muscle catabolism. The sooner you consume a protein supplement in the morning, the better, especially if your goal is to gain muscle size and strength.

One advantage of consuming g a protein first thing in the morning is that it is digested much quicker. For example, the amino acid will get into your system much faster than if you were to eat ten egg whites.

Words by Nidhi:

If you really want to take care of your body then make protein a crucial part of your diet. Being a female athlete, my protein requirement is lower as compared to a male athlete but it is crucial for me as I have to retain lean muscle mass that I have developed over the years. It also helps me during my preps and during a competition it helps me to be fuller for a longer period of time.

“Every women needs protein. It will improve your overall Heath and you will look and feel amazing inside-out.”

Let’s bust some myths:

Comment down below or drop a mail with any myths that you know or have heard about working out or about supplements.

Until then …

Keep Grinding! 

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The gloom and darkness of the last five years have in the last few weeks been hidden by a cleverly orchestrated display of fireworks in the sky. “Look at us!” says one such sparkler in the sky yesterday, “We have successfully tested an anti-satellite missile!” The people stare stoicly as the gloom of their dismal existence is supposed to be lit by this revelation.

And then another lights the sky, going far above and breaking into little beacons, sparkling all over the sky and saying, “We flew right into enemy territory and destroyed 350 of them!”

The people watch as the murkiness of their nights is awakened by the display above them, and then watch as another and another one of the fireworks is sent up, some by orators, others by trolls, and many even by mobs who threaten and say, “If you don’t look up we’ll string you from the nearest tree!”

But after every burst of light, the people look down wearily, for what the fireworks do above is to light the dismal scene below.

They shift around as the filth they stand on sucks them under. Poverty, a beast that lurks around every one of their homes snarling and laughing at their emaciated forms, a monster that grew bigger when the very rupee notes they bought their food with was taken away on the whims of a single man!

Another burst of colour splashes across. Farmers look up, creases of worry on their faces shown even more by the light that highlights dark circles beneath their eyes, revealing nights spent in guarding their fields against marauding cattle released by a government’s short sighted set of plans. Even now with the sparklers lighting up their fields their eyes search furtively for poor, unsheltered, unfed cows that will rush into their fields and destroy a harvest, their livelihoods and their lives.      

The fireworks are launched, like a blitzkrieg, intending to impress the people, disarm the opposition and fool the country into thinking that this lightning strike is sustainable.

It isn’t. Maybe the fireworks are, but the awe, the drama and the intention to impress are short in duration, because every display lights up, ground realities below.

Very real they are, of poverty, of hunger, of trekking miles for water, of education only for the moneyed, and an educational system which slowly suppresses the ability to question, to analyze and to decide!

The firework display only lights the filth below, of a beautiful tapestry called India being steadily destroyed, of minorities slowly pushed into a corner, of the rich getting richer, and the poor, poorer!

Some fools are, but most aren’t fooled by the fireworks display..! 

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Tel Aviv University Summer Program Scholarship 2019, Israel

Description: Tel Aviv University (TAU), in Israel has announced its summer program open in Cyber Security, Business & Entrepreneurship in the Start-Up Nation, Middle East & Conflict Studies, Summer Internship Program, Summer Research Program in the Sciences, Smart Cities and Food Safety and Security.

Eligibility: The applications are open for candidates pursuing under-graduation and post-graduation, having minimum 80% in their previous examination.

Prizes & Rewards: Partial scholarship of up to 65% is given on the total cost of tuition, dormitory and medical insurance.

Last Date to Apply: April 10, 2019

Application Mode: Online applications only.

Short Source URL:


Google PhD Fellowship India 2019

Description: Google India is inviting post-graduation degree holders of Computer Science and related areas to apply for this fellowship. This multi-year fellowship gives the opportunity of mentorship, research and internship at Google.

Eligibility: Indian applicants enrolled for Ph.D. at an Indian Institution who have secured their post-graduation degree as well from India and are gainfully employed at an Indian organization, may apply for this fellowship.

Prizes & Rewards: Selected fellows will be provided US$50,000 in total for a maximum period of 4 years which would cover monthly fellowship, contingency grants and travel grants.

Last Date to Apply: April 13, 2019

Application Mode: Online applications only

Short Source URL:


Inlaks Scholarships 2019

Description: InlaksShivdasani Foundation is now providing scholarships to graduate students from India applying for postgraduate courses at elite universities in America, Europe and UK institutions, covering their academic expenses of tuition fees, living expenses and travel costs.

Eligibility: Indian graduate students below 30 years of age with accepted admissions at top-rank institutions may apply for this scholarship

Prizes & Rewards: The scholarship award covers complete tuition fees of the selected scholars including their travel and accommodation expenses and living expenses throughout their course duration for a total scholarship limit of US$100,000.

Last Date to Apply: April 15, 2019

Application Mode: Online applications invited

Short Source URL:



By Buvnesh

In case you were wondering, the answer to my last Quiz was 

“A Plank”

A plank is an exercise where your body is stationary, but most of your muscle groups are under tension till you are holding the position.

What exactly is a plank?

A plank is a bodyweight isometric exercise that works on the core of one’s body.

This exercise works on the whole body and helps in toning and strengthening of various muscles.

As explained in the last article, Core is a series of muscle group that is spread throughout one’s body and helps in resisting any force, whether static or dynamic and to maintain a good posture. It improves stability of the pelvis and the spine.

There are a variety of options to choose from when it comes to planks. Each one of them is equally challenging as the other. Let’s start from the beginner’s version of a plank and build up to an intermediate level of plank.

In this article I’ll also be talking about advanced version of each plank.

So, let’s start with an Assisted Plank and it’s Advanced Variation.

How to perform an assisted plank:

The beginner’s version of a plank is called an assisted plank or ‘TYPE 1’ (for our reference) of a plank.

Now this is a great way to start planking for beginners and people who are on the heavier side.

How to perform a plank?

For TYPE 1 plank or an Assisted Plank follow the steps.

Step 1:

Lie flat on the floor with your foot close to each other, palms close/underneath your shoulders.

Your palms should be parallel to each other.

Step 2:

Push yourself up to a push-up position while your knees resting on the floor and help stabilize you.

Hold this position for as long as you can, and then repeat for another 2 sets for the first day and progress from there.

Fun Fact:

Staying on your knees during an assisted plank decreases the amount of load/pressure from your core muscles, but is as challenging as the other variations, and a great way to start planking.


One thing I always do and recommend is to consciously suck your tummy in/tighten up your Abdominal muscles and breathe simultaneously.

Always focus on your breathing. May it be while on a plank or performing any exercises.

Advanced Version

Once you master an assisted plank, try to twist/roll your hips from left to right while you hold the posture. This is a great way to add that extra pressure and increase the intensity of your exercise.

TYPE 2 or High plank

This is an intermediate exercise.

A high plank is not only a great exercise for your core, but has an added benefit of improving your shoulder health, shoulder stability; as you are holding yourself up using your arms and shoulders.

To perform a high plank,

Step 1:

Lie flat on the floor with your foot close to each other and palms close/underneath your shoulders.

Your palms should be parallel to each other.

Step 2:

Push yourself up to a push-up position and hold for as long as you can. Keep your feet flexed with the bottoms of your toes on the floor.

Again, tighten up your Abdominal Muscles and keep breathing (extremely important).

Advanced Version

Once you are able to hold a High Plank for a good amount of time, say above 2-minutes; try this:

Raise any one of your leg from the ground to your hip level and try to hold that position for as long as you can and once it starts getting tired, switch legs.

This is again to increase the intensity of the exercise and feel that pressure build up on your Core.

The key difference between a High Plank and an Assisted Plank is that:

In a high plank, your toes and arms help you maintain the position of the exercise, which makes a High Plank a tad bit difficult to maintain for a longer period of time.

While on an Assisted Plank your knees assists you to manage your bodyweight throughout the course of time you try to maintain it. It’s still an effective and a great way to build your way to a stronger Core.

TYPE 3: A Low Plank

A Low Plank is a modified version of a High Plank but in this exercise you rest on your forearms parallel to each other as compared to your arms on a high plank.

To perform this exercise

Step 1:

Step down to your knees and kneel on the floor.

Step 2:

Bend down and place your forearms on the ground.

Now, you can either choose to make a fist of your palms or place them flat on the ground.

Step 3:

Push yourself up using your toes and balance your body along with your forearms. Keep your feet flexed with the bottoms of your toes on the floor.

Advanced Version

Once you can hold this position for more than 2 minutes or above you can try the above stated advanced techniques to increase the intensity of the exercise. Another great way to increase the intensity of the exercise is by elevating your upper body.

To do so, you can use a gym/stability ball if you have access to a good gym or even a chair should do the trick.

My Tips:

While breathing is one of the many important things that I always recommend you to concentrate on, there are certain other rules that I abide by such as:

- Always maintain a straight position from head to heels because a good posture is always appreciated and helps you target the right muscles rather than to create extra pressure/compression.

- Look towards the floor always, this maintains a neutral position for your neck and avoids unnecessary compression of the joints.

- Keep your toes as firm as you can on the floor and flexed throughout the exercise. This ensures that you don’t slip while doing a plank.

- While holding a plank, your main focus should be on how long you can hold it and progress with every set you do.

“While doing a plank my main focus in on how long I can hold it? So I keep Stop Watch in front of me and listen to music to distract my mind”, says Nidhi Bisht - Miss. Asia Runner Up 2018.

Quiz Time:

Think you know all about planks?

Answer a simple question to test your knowledge.

Throughout the past two articles I tried to share as much as I can about Planks. The muscles involved, exercises and also how to do the Beginners and Advanced Versions of planks.

Now answer this: Which muscle is not worked while holding a plank position?

Comment down below with your best answer and stand a chance to win a free workout at

“Kashrath- For A Better You”.

Until then …

Keep Grinding! 

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