Very often we make a god out of a guru or priest and feel disappointed and even lose our beliefs when they fall.

Many, many years ago as a child I used to sit in church and like all youngsters fidget, look around and do everything except listen to the preacher. But there was one man I listened with rapt attention. He had me spell bound with his sermon. He was nothing great to look at; bald and short and dark. He was not even a flashy orator, but when he spoke from the scriptures he had the whole congregation mesmerized.

Every morning as I sit in my little garden and ponder on what to write, I look at the little blue collapsible stool on which I place my newspapers and remember my father. Today, on Father’s Day, I specially thought of him, because it was two days before he died that he sat on the very same stool, after driving with me to all my sites, sitting on the stool at each of my twelve worksites, and telling me how I could better the work my men were doing.

 ‘Protesting without arms is a fundamental right and not a terrorist activity’

Delhi High Court

Even as the high court gives citizens of our country the right to protest, I do believe that the greatest gift a leader can gift himself or herself, are people who have the freedom to disagree with the leader.

Racists! That’s what the two have been branded as! Two writers, Enid Blyton and Rudyard Kipling, who shaped our formative years, both in reading and in the unleashing of childhood imagination, and who today, are not there to defend themselves have been flagged as racists by a charity called English Heritage.

Just read that the Mumbai-Delhi Rajdhani Express would soon be reaching four hours faster! All this by building a wall along the railway tracks between Mumbai and Surat, which would allow the train to travel faster, as it wouldn’t need to slow down for people crossing the tracks.

 ‘Let’s get there faster,’ we shout, ‘Let’s finish the job!