1. Fair and Lovely Foundation has Declared its Scholarship Call Open for all Female College Goers.

Like every year, Fair & Lovely Career Foundation has declared its scholarship call open; to select 55 college-going female students. This program intends to help girls who require financial aid, by covering their education-related expenses based on merit and need, for which applications are invited from all across the country.

In order to apply for the scholarship, the applicants are required to answer two subjective type questions in 600 words, i.e. ‘Why they have decided to pursue the chosen course’ and ‘how this scholarship will prove helpful for them’.

Last date to submit the application form is October 30, 2018. In order to be eligible for this scholarship, candidates need to fulfil the mandated requirements:


• Female applicants, who have cleared class 12 from any stream with 60% marks in class 10 and 12 examination, of age between 15-30 years can apply.

• The applicant's family income should not be more than INR 6L p.a. The candidate can be from any given wide range of graduation, and post-graduation programme (as mentioned in the application site).

• Applicants preparing for Banking Services, CA-CS-ICWA, CAT-MBA, Civil Services, Government Services, IIT-JEE-Engineering, PMT-AIIMS-MBBS, Language-English Communication are also welcomed.

Scholarship Reward

Selected candidates will be rewarded with one time scholarship of INR 25,000 to 50,000.

How to Apply

Interested candidate can make an online application.

Other Important Details

Candidates need to submit the below-mentioned documents while applying for the scholarship:

• Passport Size Photo

• Id proof (PAN Card, Voter Identity Card, Driver's License, Aadhar Card, class 10th marks sheet with Photo)

• Class 12th marks sheet

• Age proof

• Class 10 marks sheet

• Proof of Family Income (Valid documents are Government approved certificate, IT Return, BPL card)

• Latest Graduation marks sheet

• Latest college fee receipt

• Application letter

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2. Grab the Opportunity to Pursue Under Graduation from One of the Largest Canadian University, King’s University

Students who have cleared class 12 and looking forward to have overseas exposure through under graduate degree program, from Canada, are welcomed by the university. The scholarship covers programme of Management and Organisational Studies, Social Sciences, Arts, Social Justice and Peace Studies.

Last date to submit the application form is October 31, 2018. In order to be eligible for this scholarship, candidates need to fulfil the mandated requirements:


The applicant must have cleared class 12 with an overall aggregate of minimum 75% and must have English language proficiency with 6.5 in IELTS, 580 marks in TOEFL, 4.5 in TWE or 20 marks in each section of IBT or score 56 in each section of PTE. The subject of Mathematics is not mandated in class 12, while applying for the admission in any of the programme.

Scholarship Reward

• The eligible students will be given scholarship up to CAD 17K.

• Opportunity to receive degrees from renowned western university.

• High probability of getting jobs in candidate’s interest area.

• The option of transfer to Richard Ivey School of Business is also open in the third year of the programme.

• To become a part of small interactive classes.

How to Apply

Candidates need to make an online application.

Other Important Details

Submission of below-mentioned documents will be needed by the candidate:

• Marksheets and certificates of Class 10 and 12

• IELTS or TOEFL scores

• Scanned copy of passport (front and back)

• Resume

• Documents demonstrating non-academic achievements for additional scholarships (if applicable)

• Statement of purpose (optional)

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Of late priests, godmen, gurus and other religious leaders are showing a sordid side of themselves! Rape, molestations, blackmail, assaults, greed and debauchery seem to be springing from their holy loins and seeing this there seems to be a growing disenchantment from their followers for all things holy!

“If priests are like this, what’s the point of being spiritual?” many ask.

“Is there any point in being good, when they themselves fall like this?” ask others.

“If religion can’t keep them from wickedness, how will it keep us from the same?” ask the youth.

Many years ago, there was an old lady, who was a close friend. She lived in an old folks home, after her husband passed away, and though she reached the grand old age of ninety, used to ask me to pick her up, once a month and take her out. Once, while driving back, I told her about a priest who I felt was quite corrupt. “How can he call himself a priest?” I exclaimed angrily.

“Bob!” she said turning to me, a youngster who she knew was disillusioned, “Behind those priestly robes there lies a man!”

I have never forgotten her words. What she meant was, I should remember that like all men and women, these people who we consider religious are also tempted, are also a prey to the lust of the flesh and can fall a victim to greed. They have the power to withstand those temptations as long as they focus on God. The moment they look away, they become but men.

Decades ago, I flew down to Kentucky to attend the ordinationof my brother, as a priest. It was a wonderful ceremony and later as we were about to have lunch, he turned to me and asked, “Any advice, big brother?”

“Yes!” I said, “But it’s not about a Christian priest I’m going to give you the example off. It’s a swami in Kolkata!” My brother leaned forward. “This swami,” I said, “had many devotees, but he had a peculiar way of blessing them. When they bent down in front of him, he blessed them with his feet!”

“What’s your point?” asked my brother with his eyes.

“Sometimes,” I said, “A women would bend down and as she did, her sari would fall away from her shoulders! Immediately, the swami kicked her out of the way!”

“He kicked the sight of temptation out of his sight!” said my brother softly to himself.

As long as our eyes are focused on God, we will not fall. Even now as we are appalled at what these priests are doing, we are looking at them. Stop doing so; these are but men behind those cassocks, those priestly robes, turn your eyes on God only and you will not fall, even as they did, turning away from Him..! 

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In the good old days when kings sat in their castles and sent their men into battle, quite often, guards from his fort watchtowers would shout, “Lone horseman riding to the fort!” And soon, they would identify him through his banner as one of their own, coming from the battlefield and let him in, where tired and exhausted he would be led directly to the king.

“We have lost the battle your majesty!” he would blurt out and quite often in his rage, the king would in a fit of temper draw his sword to kill the man.

“Don’t kill me I’m just the messenger!” the poor man would shout falling at the kings feet.

Today as I see social media, especially WhatsApp being blamed for riots, and incidents of lynching, I think the same is happening; we are blaming the messenger!

Let’s look at the old messenger, the fellow who rode in on his horse again, why did he hurry to the king? Sohis majesty could take preventive measures; like sending more troops, raising his drawbridge, or fleeing to a safer place to do battle later.

In the same way social media of today, which I liken to the messenger of yore, is helping such preventive measures in a big way: Today, people know that any act of violence can be filmed, but more than just filmed it can be flashed in a jiffy to thousands and millions, and knowing this, such violent acts, which otherwise would have been a daily occurrence are actually being prevented.

Social media has become the policing of the world! Yes, there are sporadic cases of lynching, rapes, assaults on women and so on, but there’s always the fear somebody is recording the whole act and they will be caught and punished.

What we don’t see is the marvelous work of the messenger in preventing crimes, maybe hundreds and thousands of them.

What we are told about is a riot here or a lynching there, spread throughmiscreants using social media.

Today, the country is actually a safer place because of our smartphones, the CC cameras, and finally the powerful ability of social media to reveal the truth to the world like nothing else can.

‘Why?’ I ask, ‘Do you want to kill the messenger?’

Do we want the only safeguards many of us have to be removed?

Do we want terror and injustice, rapes, lynching incidents, assaults on journalists, and molestation of women, not to be exposed, to be hidden and thus increase?

Is that the reason you want to kill the messenger?

The Nation Wants To Know: Please tell us that’s not the reason..! 

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1.             Adobe Research is Back with its Women-in-Technology Scholarship

Female under-graduate and masters students who have opted computer science as their career plan are called by Adobe Research to bring gender diversity by recognizing their potential and outstanding intellect in the stream of computer science.

Last date to submit the application form is September 28, 2018. In order to be eligible for this scholarship, candidates need to fulfil the mandated requirements:


The candidate must be academically strong female student who intend to or is enrolled in undergraduate or Master’s program of computer science, computer engineering, or in any technical program in current academic session are welcomed to apply for the opportunity.

Scholarship Reward

               A scholarship amount of USD 10,000.

               A 1-year Creative Cloud subscription membership.

               A research mentor from Adobe.

               An opportunity to appear for an interview for an internship at Adobe.

How to Apply

Applications can be made online only.

Other Important Details

Candidates need to submit the below mentioned documents:

               A resume.

               Academic transcripts from current and/or past institution.

               Three references (Sent via email).Answers to up to four essay questions.

               An optional 60-second video or multimedia submission describing the applicant's dream career.


Adobe Research creates innovative technologies relevant to software products for consumers, creative professionals, developers, and enterprises. It brings the smartest, most driven people and allows them the freedom to nurture their intellectual curiosity, while providing them with the necessary resources, support and freedom to shape their ideas into tangible results.

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2.             Disabled Students are Offered Monetary Aid with Pre-matric Scholarship for Students with Disabilities 2018-19 by GoI

Students suffering from physical disabilities are provided with economic aid by the Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disability, Government of India to provide them with a financial base, which will help them continue with hassle free education.

Last date to submit the application form is September 30, 2018. In order to be eligible for this scholarship, candidates need to fulfil the mandated requirements:


Students of class 9 or 10, who are suffering from more than 40% disability with a valid certificate for the same and having annual family income not more than INR 2.50 Lacs, are considered eligible.

Scholarship Reward

               Maintenance allowance of INR 800 and INR 500 (per month) will be given to Hostellers and Day Scholars, respectively, for a period of 12 months in an academic year; book grant of INR 1000 p.a. will be given to hostellers and days scholars.

               Annual disability allowance of INR 4000 to visually impaired, and for Intellectual disability; INR 2000 to hearing impaired, physically disabled and for all other types of disability will be provided annually.  

How to Apply

Applications can be made online only.

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The most dreaded sound we Indians heard during the British rule, waspolice knocking at our door, “Who’s it?” we asked, voices fearful.“Police! Open up!” came a British or Anglo-Indian accent.

We threw the English out, but retain the fear their police evoked, by equipping ours to do the same! 

“What you thinking, only the white man could induce fear?” laughed a politician, “Even we can! Just watch!”

“Knock! Knock! Knock!”

“Ha, ha, ha!” laughed the same politician to me, “Did you see their fearful faces! Come with us, when we go to the next house and our policeman knock!”

“Why?” I asked, “it will be the same knock, and same reaction!”

“Ah but we are going to videotape the whole thing!”


“To send it to the Queen! To show her, what she and her subjects did before our freedom, we have perfected after Independence!”

I heard a clamour from across our borders all around, “We have perfected it even more!” said Pakistan. “Your policemen come with arrest warrants, ours with loaded rifle!”

“We’ve done an even better job,“sniggered Myanmar, “we shoot them even as they whisper fearfully behind their door!”

“We hack them as they step out!” grinned Bangladesh, “Especially writers and blasphemers!”

“Door?” laughed China, “The door has already disappeared, when our police arrive!”

The politician turned to me, “You see why we need to videotape our great leap forward?” he asked, “See how far behind we’ve been lagging! Ourneighbours have far outpaced us, in the ‘fearful police knock’ arena!”

“Do you think the Queen of England is going to be happy?” I asked, “Why should she?”

The politician looked at me, then patiently sat on a chair, “Listen Bob, have you ever been a teacher?”

“No!” I admitted.

“Well, then imagine you’re one. What happens when you find a student who’s coming last in class, suddenly catching up with the others?”

“I will be filled with joy and satisfaction, that I’ve done a good job!” I said nodding gleefully.

“Exactly!” said the politiciansmiling and thumping me on my back, “The poor Queen has been waiting for us to catch up with the rest of the class, and must have even given up hope about our ability to do so, but after seeing this video, she will be overjoyed!”

I watched, the video man set up his equipment, “Take One!” he shouted his voice quivering with excitement. The police knocked, a man opened the door and was whisked away.

A day later, the Supreme Court sent him back, but that part was not seen by the Queen as she smiled at her brilliant students…!

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