Today, on India's Republic Day, I am proud to be a citizen of the world's largest democracy: Of a land that has a written constitution which is the longest in the world; 397 articles, 12 schedules.

And in my mind’s eye, I picture scores of angels, running to the Lord with cellphones in their hands, “Lord!” says an old angel, impatience clearly in his voice, “Shall I tell her you’re busy, talking to a million and more?”

 “Who’s it?” asks the Lord, even as He continues conversing to each one who calls on Him.

What are your thoughts when you see a sheet of white paper looking blankly at you? For me, it yells opportunity, but to many it could spell terror, especially when they know they have to write against a deadline.

And as Republic Day approaches, I remember a few years ago, when I wore a black kurta and black pants and went for a flag hoisting. “Smart!” said my daughter.

 “Inappropriate!” said a man wearing a white kurta, with a black jacket, who was greeting everybody with a lot of bonhomie.

They sat together on the rocks and watched the waves come in. She felt his arms around her and she felt safe and secure. “Thank you, God,” she whispered, “for giving me somebody who loves me so much and who I love so very much” she heard the sound of the soothing waters and she nuzzled closer into his strong muscular arms.