And as Republic Day approaches, I remember a few years ago, when I wore a black kurta and black pants and went for a flag hoisting. “Smart!” said my daughter.

 “Inappropriate!” said a man wearing a white kurta, with a black jacket, who was greeting everybody with a lot of bonhomie.

What are your thoughts when you see a sheet of white paper looking blankly at you? For me, it yells opportunity, but to many it could spell terror, especially when they know they have to write against a deadline.

Even as international leaders, take the first vaccine jab, to show their countrymen not to be afraid, I wondered why our leaders haven’t bared their political arms as yet.

 “It is the kindheartedness of our leaders that prevents them from taking the vaccine first,” said a reporter as he sat with me at the press club, “They want to step aside and allow others before they have a go! Their full philosophy is based on ‘after you’ or ‘you first’!”

They sat together on the rocks and watched the waves come in. She felt his arms around her and she felt safe and secure. “Thank you, God,” she whispered, “for giving me somebody who loves me so much and who I love so very much” she heard the sound of the soothing waters and she nuzzled closer into his strong muscular arms.

Later this month on Republic Day, we will celebrate the acceptance of the Constitution of India by the people over seventy years ago. It is because of this constitution that no majority can bully a minority, no one religion can be thrust on another, and that citizens have different freedoms! It is a constitution which people fight hard to maintain and fight hard to live by as much as others fight to destroy.