“….Always do well what you are afraid to do..” 

Ralph Waldo Emerson

The principal of the college looked at the little girl admiringly, “You failed throughout the year in Hindi and yet you’ve now come first in that same subject, how?” The little girl looked at the principal and smiled, how was she to tell her principal what her father had told her when she had gone home for her holidays, “work extra hard,” he had said one evening, “at the subject you are most weak in! It’s all in your mind, that you are weak at it!” She had and had excelled.

Port Blair, Feb 8: Andaman Nicobar Chess Association (ANCA) in collaboration with Chinmaya Mission Port Blair will organize a Chess Tournament for Senior Citizens on February 25, 2024, at Chinmaya Mission Port Blair to encourage and stimulate the elderly people. The players who are above 60 years of age are eligible to participate in the tournament.

Renowned scientist Dr. Ajai Kumar Sonkar, awarded with Padmashree, told our correspondent in a conversation that recently, during the study of species diversity of organisms in the South Andaman sea, an investigation was conducted by him, collected samples from 3 feet below the sand of the bottom of the sea about 150 feet deep. Laboratory testing revealed the presence of hydrogen sulphide in the sample.

Hydrogen sulphide is a very poisonous gas for all living beings and plants including humans, but for some bacterias, Hydrogen Sulphide is a life-giving gas, and oxygen is a deadly gas for them.

For the last few months I’ve been curious about the many inaugurations by the Prime Minister of the Vande Bharat trains, and decided yesterday I’d travel in one of them from Goa to Mumbai.

The train came in late from Mumbai, and so the cleaners made us wait on the platform. Two of them cleaned the dusty windows outside, but only the window glasses of the Executive Class. When I finally sat on my seat, I found that the food tray was permanently on my lap. I told the TC that I would be happy if it could go back to it’s place and he agreed and told me the maintenance people would fix it in a few minutes. Well, in the eight hours I sat in the train, the food tray seemed quite comfortable on my lap.

One very common feature at the presentation of the budget is a photo of the finance minister giving final touches to the budget papers. This is something that takes place every year and for the last many years since independence.

 “As soon as a new finance minister is sworn in he or she takes charge of the final touch kit,” said an official in the finance ministry as he sat down for a cup of tea, outside Parliament House.