“Watch out!” I shouted at the man, as he nearly walked into my parked car.

 “Can’t you see where you’re going?” I asked.

 “No,” he said, “I’m blind.”

I walked upto him and took his hand in mine, I was glad he could not see the tears in my eyes as I led him across the road….

One of my most vivid childhood memories and one I will always treasure is that of the awesome Nandi hills in the distance. I accepted those hills as part of my landscape and grew to love the evenings, when back from school, studying subjects I couldn’t staunch, I gazed at those mighty peaks in the distance and felt the restful calm they gently extended back to my troubled mind across the many miles that stretched twixt us.

Have been an entrepreneur most of my life, yes, even now as a newspaper columnist and writer I’m one, because what I write has to be sellable, by being readable for my readers. But what is the power this wonderful adrenalin seeking addiction of entrepreneurship have over us?

A couple of years ago while traveling in scenic Austria, I got down from the car and sat by the side of a mountain besides a flowing brook. It was no restful and peaceful and I was nearly lulled to sleep by the sound of the water, but knowing it would be an experience I would always cherish, I forced myself awake and lowered my feet into the passing stream.

Something I see so often in America and Europe as I travel through a city in the mornings is the owner of a business establishment opening his shop himself, cleaning the porch and dusting his furniture. There is a sense of pride as he carefully wipes the door handles, makes the brass shine, cleans the glass and polishes the doors.

Here in our country, we have a peon to open the shop, another sweeper to clean the front and other employees to do all the other work we don’t want to do.