“Your husband,” I told the pretty lady standing at the entrance of the park where I walk everyday, “is such a polite man!”

 “Why what does he do?” asked the lady.

 “He wishes everybody during his morning walk,” said the chairman of the committee which maintains the park.

As my plane took off last week, from the city I’d done my school and college, I looked out and thought of the last few days, when not a moment went by when old friends were not around. There were lunches, dinners, speaking and singing!

More than two decades ago, a tall beautiful twelve year old girl waved her “dandiya’ stick at me and smiled. I looked at her, my grown-up daughter and there I was standing outside the doors of the maternity ward.

“A girl, sir,” the nurse said and disappeared back into the confines of the unknown room.

They were quite a few who came to hear me speak last week; corporate heads, industrialists and businessmen, and rightly so, because my topic was ‘How to Avoid the ET, IT and Police!”

It’s a subject that’s going to be of interest to thousands in our country as politicians galore are finding themselves behind bars, as the title of MP or MLA doesn’t give them protection anymore.

There are no closed doors to hide behind!

Some time back I read about a glamorous wedding that took place in Goa, between a former Miss World and an Indian tennis star. One had just divorced his wife a few months back and the other had broken up with her boyfriend.

How fast we get in and out of relationships.