“You know,” says a complaining voice, “If only I’d been born healthy like you, I feel likewise:                

J.F. Rowlands of South Africa was once holidaying in the south of France when he met a dignified old man in the hotel he was staying in. This man was a learned professor and also famous as a violinist. That night he was giving a concert in town on his Stradivarius, which Rowlands knew was one of the most expensive violin’s in the world and one of the most beautiful instruments to play on. 

 “Shout ‘HOW!”

 “How!” I shouted.

 “It means good!”

 “How” means ‘good’ in Chinese?” I asked with a smile.

I do believe, all our driving skills are seen not in how fast we drive, not with our ease of overtaking, our dexterity of working our way through traffic jams, but with how you and I park our cars!

My wife and daughters grumble, that there’s no need for me to look from my window as they bring their cars in to park or take them out. “Plan your parking!” I tell them, and slowly but surely, I’ve seen a change.

A patient told his dentist, “I can feel a huge cavity with my tongue,” The dentist examined the man’s teeth and said, “It’ll only be a small filling.”

 “But why does it feel so large?” asked the puzzled patient.

 “Just the natural tendency of the tongue to exaggerate!” replied the dentist with a twinkle in his eye.

While taking a class on public speaking in the academy I run, I told my class how important public speaking was in life. Many of us I told my students would not get opportunities to speak on podiums or stages, but there were other times it would come in useful as it came in for me.

I felt the class leaning forward, as they did whenever they knew Bob had a tale to tell and a tale I did tell, remembering every moment of that near horrific, eventful train journey.