The only certainty of life is death. And yet most of us continue living as if death will never visit us. We do not prepare ourselves for it and live as if we are going to live forever.

A little girl lay dying and she was afraid.

Her friend, the priest, came to see her and after a little talk she told him she was frightened. “Listen, my child,” he said, “supposing I said I wanted to take you in my arms and carry you upstairs to a beautiful room at the top of this house where you could see much farther from the windows and be more comfortable altogether, would you mind?”

Many years ago, much before the invention of the cell phone, there were many moments you could have a break. Take traveling in a local train; it was so different! You jumped into the compartment, got a seat for yourself if you were lucky, and then as the carriages rolled along you felt yourself being soothed into a different world with the gentle rhythmic movement of the train, its familiar whistle as a station approached and the quiet chatter that the rails had with the wheels.

The Supreme Court felt a few years ago that the two years imprisonment now meted out for causing death due to rash driving is ‘grossly inadequate’. I agree, but would like to define what the police believe is rash and negligent driving, and what actually happens on the road when an accident takes place.

Since I have been driving most of my life, I’ve seen my share of accidents and have also been involved in one, where I had to face police and court, through no fault of mine.

Many, many decades ago while on my grandmother’s knee I was told a story of how her son, my uncle, an air force pilot found his plane was on fire, “He jumped out!” whispered my grandmother, “and angels brought him safely down to earth!”

It was much later I learnt he had used a parachute to come down, but a story a cousin sent spoke about angels who packed the parachutes for pilots, so my grandma was right in saying that angels saved her son:

Today I shudder to see more and more photographs and pictures of donations and acts of giving. “Do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing!’ say the holy scriptures. But do we listen? All I see are photos of acts of giving, circulated to everybody through whatsapp, email or Facebook!

“Look what I’ve done!” shout the pictures shamelessly.