And as the Hamas terrorize Israel and Israel retaliates with unparalleled fury, one knows that those laughing their way to the bank are the weapon manufacturers. To keep a war going, a country has to spend heavily and as England found out after the Second World War, she never really recovered, and from being a nation that ruled the world, she now trails far, far behind. Which brings me to the point I’d like to make and that is, why don’t we start investing as heavily in peace as we do in weapons of war and upkeep of armies?

Holly Madison, the former girlfriend of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, insured an attractive part of her body for 1 million dollars. She said that she insured her famous assets with Lloyd's of London to protect them while appearing in her Las Vegas production, 'Peepshow'.

One million dollars!

I can imagine insurance people all over the world, jubilantly realizing that here is a wonderful opportunity to garner insurance policies: Just go across to everybody, start frightening

them about what they value the most. 

Be it Diwali, Christmas, or Navratri, we need to abide by the laws about noise or loudspeakers put in place by governments and courts, but I do remember, this man…

He walked by the revellers at the local Navratri night. Walked straight to the makeshift temple with all eyes on him. Stiff and pious was his gait. He looked neither to the left or right, but craftily noticed all eyes on him as he walked to the temple entrance. There was a hush as he went in. People counted the moments. His worship was longer, his devotion stronger, they felt, than their own humble praise.

"Oh Bob!" she said as she held my arm, "where've you been?"

"Bbbut, bbbut," I stammered, "I just missed coming here once!"

"I missed you," she said and just as I was getting ready to fall into her arms I saw her eyes flit to someone else in the room and her grip on my hand relaxed and she was up and away. I watched as she gave the same treatment to another gullible fellow and then grinned to myself, "Sweet tongue!" I said to myself.

A friend of mine called me desperately, “You’ve got to help me, Bob!” he pleaded, “My wife has started becoming very cold to me. I suspect she is having an affair with her boss. He’s a very moneyed man, and I am sure he has won the affection of my partner!”

With a heavy heart I spoke to the wife, “Bob,” she said looking at me with tears in her eyes. “I don’t understand why he’s blaming me. For the last few years of our married life, he comes home from his job, ignores my greeting, shakes off my hug, stretches himself on the cot and gets up just before dinner, eats his food and goes to sleep. So, I decided I would stop trying to hug or greet him when he comes home!”