Ever so often I watch my two daughters and I realise how different their relationship is from that of two brothers, and it was when I went through this little article I realized what depth could be the love between sisters:

When my children were quite tiny I made a trip to New York to visit my parents, and when returning home decided I would fill my suitcases with gifts for my wife and children. So I went shopping.

There are many who are not happy with our looks and here’s a true story related by someone who went in for surgery:

 ‘The plastic surgeon, a good fifteen years my senior, was a very attractive man. "Hmmm," he said quietly. "Are you a model?"

“Is he kidding?” I asked myself, “Anyone could see I was homely. After all, I had the scar to prove it.”

There are many of us who sigh and wish opportunities would come by.

Lecturer Charles Hobbs talks about a woman who lived in London over a century ago. She saved what little money she could working as a scullery maid and used it one evening to hear a great speaker of her day. His speech moved her deeply and she waited to visit with him afterward. “How fine it must be to have had the opportunities you have had in life,” she said.

Seeing one of her neighbor’s children playing alone, a woman asked him where his brother was. “Oh,” he said, “he’s in the house playing a duet. I finished first.” Too many people find themselves playing a duet alone. Too many people are lonely. They rise alone in the morning, they eat meals alone, they watch television alone and retire alone in the evening. They have too few friends and family to share their lives with. It feels as if they should be playing a duet or an ensemble and everyone else finished first. They are more than alone; they are lonely.