There’s only one person who looks good in the Modi jacket, and that’s the Prime Minister himself! Today, every tailor, throughout the country is rolling out thousands of yards of cloth stitching these new sleeveless fashion statements for men of all shapes and sizes, who look strikingly ridiculous as they strut around in sometimes garish looking pinks and purples, yellows and greens and look like some leftovers of some film shoot of Robin Hood and his Jacketed Men!

This morning I laughed as I read a comic strip where two ugly sea creatures at the bottom of the sea, awful squiggly, wriggly tentacles spread all over sea bed, bodies ugly, revolting, beady eyes peering from a mass of quivering flesh, look at each other, point to the seabed and snigger as they see another creature crawling by; "Yuk! It's a worm!"

 “Come on China, come on Pakistan, we’re going to discuss Afghanistan!”

 “Why should we come?” snigger the two countries as they slither away from the National Security Advisor’s meet. The others comprising India, Russia and Russia’s little breakaway states went ahead and had their meet, finally telling the Afghani’s in a soft friendly voice that, ‘they must not be used for terror acts!’

It was like telling a terrorist not to be a terrorist!

’Twas while walking in heaven a few years from today, I chanced to see two Israelites, trudging a little slowly, like they’d been forty years in the wilderness, so I asked the angel playing her harp at the side of the heavenly road if them two were Jews, who’d crossed the Red Sea with Moses. She nodded sweetly and I hurried along the heavenly road to catch up with the two and asked breathlessly, “You two crossed the Red Sea with Moses?”

Cheap bottle, filled with cheap liquor, sat on a table in a cheap looking bar, looking craftily at a bedraggled man hunched in front. “Cheers!” said the cheap bottle of yellow fire.

 “Hic,” said the man. “Burp, hic, burp, slurp!”

 “Enjoying me huh?” asked the bottle sensuously.