It’s one of the most impressive old structures among the heritage buildings along the sea front, looked after with total dedication by a tall Anglo- Indian gentleman with a booming voice. The building would have gone to the dogs if not for this one man. And yet I remember him thirty-five years ago, a watchman for an orphanage. He was an alcoholic and lived more in the gutters where he fell asleep after his last drink than in the room the trustees of the orphanage had given him.

International Nurses Day is celebrated all over the world every year on 12thMay, the birth anniversary of FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE, also known as THE LADY WITH THE LAMP. The aim of celebrating Nurses Day is to raise awareness of the important role nurses play in the society and the contributions, commitment of nurses among common public in providing the best health services.

While running my dad's interior designing firm many years ago, I was called to the house of a potential customer who wanted to do up his place. I sat with a design book in hand and waited to begin my presentation about the type of interior we could design for him.

I never got started!

The stock markets are getting shaky! All because one man who has been continuously booed is causing supposedly invincible opponents to start looking worried!

Rahul Gandhi, for nearly a decade he has been joked about, lampooned, ridiculed and booed by the prime minister and the ruling party, but suddenly the whole nation is looking at him as a formidable opponent to  the once invincible Modi!

I believe he ignored the boos!

There was a knock on my door. Outside I found two busy looking individuals, “We are engineers, we’ve come to do a structural audit of your flat sir!” said one of them.

“That’s wonderful!” I said, “Please check all the beams and pillars and see whether these old walls are capable of lasting a few more years.” I then watched as they both went to my bedroom and looked around, not at walls or ceiling but curiously at my books and other stuff lying around.

“Where’s your hammer?” I asked.