This happened last year in America, when I was visiting:

Even the kitchen looks unfamiliar in the early hours of the morning and with a scowl on my face I open the top drawer where I’m sure my daughter had said the mugs were kept, but a packet of coffee powder stares back at me, or is it chilly powder? But they don’t keep chilly powder on shelves, do they in America? Let it be, I tell myself, not ready to solve the coffee and chilly powder problem right now, and open the drawer below and nearly have forks and spoons and all the rest of the cutlery fall on my toes. I quickly close the drawer on these murderous weapons and look into the shelves on top.

Once upon a time, two hermits, moved by the desire of sanctifying themselves, lived in a hostile, rocky desert. Their caves faced each other. After years of intense prayer and terrible mortifications, one hermit was convinced   that he had arrived at the summit of perfection.

The other was equally pious, but also good and kind. He would stop to talk with the pilgrims who visited them once in a long while. He would take care and give hospitality to anyone who had lost his way, or even to fugitives. “But,” thought the first hermit, “This is time stolen from meditation and prayer!” and he disapproved of even the least shortcomings of the other.

Feel terrible as I see the dead bodies of Israelis and Palestinians. I know that one moment they were alive, the next moment dead! It’s terrible when a loved one suddenly dies. There is no warning, like you have during a sickness. No time to say goodbye. No time to adjust your mind, no time to make up for fights or quarrels which are such an everyday occurrence with any family. Suddenly that person is dead. We stare with disbelief at the dead body and wish we had a few minutes to say goodbye or apologize for some hurt, “Why did you have to go so suddenly?” we cry, “Daddy I couldn’t even say sorry!”

Being an avid watcher of crime movies, I’ve noticed that whenever a member of the police force has a relative involved in a crime, that particular officer is taken off the case as his or her judgement would be clouded with anger, rage or revenge. Whereas what the police force needs is cold blooded emotionless thinking to solve the case.

Yesterday President Biden spoke to the Israeli president saying, ‘While you feel rage, don’t be consumed by it. After 9/11 we sought justice, we made mistakes’

“Excellent fruit sir! Sweet and tasty! Just look at the skin!”

I looked at the fruit and there was no doubt in my mind they were ripe and ready for eating. I wondered whether the fruit vendor could see I was nearly drooling in anticipation of having them after lunch.