“What do I write about?” I pondered aloud.

 “Me!” said the wife, “That I’m going to live sixteen months less because I married you!”

 “What utter rubbish,” I said, “your life span will increase with a partner like me!”

 “What’s wrong with you?” I said to my gardener last week as he stood with a crestfallen face before me. “Now you want money for Diwali, then your wife will want to buy new clothes  during Christmas and finally you’ll ask me for a big advance for New Year!”

 “I am sorry sir,” said my middle aged gardener, the wet mud still fresh on his hands and the smell of manure clinging onto him.

As I watch many startups crumbling, I’ve realized quite often they all started with brilliant ideas then fell into the trap of borrowing and pumping in money instead of pumping in ideas as they went along.   

When NASA began the launch of astronauts into space, they found that the pens wouldn’t work at zero gravity; ink didn’t flow down to the writing surface. In order to solve this problem, it took them one decade $12 million and they finally developed a pen that worked at zero gravity.

By- Sarpreet Kaur


“Who are you?”  standing in front of the mirror I asked myself

“Who are you?”

                                 It was during one of my visits to the village I heard a commotion, “What’s happening?” I asked as I walked out of my gate and saw Ramesh my neighbour and his old mother dancing on the road.

 “Mother’s a crorepati!” shouted Ramesh.