Met a friend of mine, and we spent some time chatting with each other. “You know Bob,” he said, “I grew up in Ahmedabad and when I told my family I was going to Mumbai they asked me if I had taken leave of my senses. They told me how it was near impossible to get accommodation in Mumbai, how traveling was terrible with the heavy rush, and how lonely the city could be for outsiders!”

For many years I had a weekly column which dealt with the origin of our English words! More often than not, we speak this wonderful language, without really checking from where some of the words originally originated. The field dealing with the origin of words is Etymology. Today I thought we could have a look at some curious word origins. Some of the origins are English, some French, German, Latin and Greek, from which ultimately good old English borrowed and stole and enriched herself. Enjoy the words with me today!

Something that happens to many writers is to discuss a plot or story line, before they’ve written it. The first thing that happens in such a discussion is that you have given the other person leave to shoot down something brilliant, before it has taken shape on paper. Also you will definitely hear opinions that are from minds that may not be as creative as yours.

                           “….to stretch the truth is to tell a lie..”

A man entered a dentist’s clinic and sat down to have his teeth fixed. “I can feel a huge cavity with my tongue,” he said. The dentist examined the man’s teeth and said, “It’ll only be a small filling.”

 “But why does it feel so large?” asked the patient.

 “Make in India!” We cry zealously from our rooftops and WhatsApp groups as national leaders spend precious time and tax payers money going from country to country wooing their industrialists to open their factories, offices and make huge investments here in our country.

What they find when they do arrive are narrow, pothole filled roads, filthy streets lined with un-lifted garbage, sprawling slums and pollution.