Many authors have a brilliant idea, start a book and soon realize they are not writing anymore! And like those authors or writers, often we are very excited when given a new task, a new project or assignment; we feel great we have been chosen, we also feel we can do a great job of it, and we start off with a bang.

But often it’s like opening a soda bottle, initially there’s a lot of fizz, and then it’s gone.

Dad?” asked my elder one, “what’s happened to the friend you used to be quite fond of, the one who was like a brother to you?”

 “We’ve fallen apart!” I said gruffly.

“And you never tried to repair the relationship?” she asked.

“I did,” I said, “but I don’t think he was in any mood to work things out.”

“And you didn’t try harder?”

There was a tapping on my window. It was midnight, and cold in the New York apartment where I was living. “Who’s that?” I asked petrified. You don’t get a tapping when you are so many floors up. I gently pushed the glass pane up, and saw a huge hand, “Liberty!” I exclaimed, “What are you doing outside my window?”

 “You’re Indian aren’t you?” asked the gigantic figure of the Statue of Liberty, leaning outside and dwarfing my building.

 “Yes!” I said.

Without a war cry or formal declaration, a new civil war rages, and if not arrested immediately will have disastrous consequences and nearly did in the confrontation between Assam and it’s neighboring state of Mizoram, where civilians were not the only casualty, but policemen killed by policemen!

Unheard off, right?

Why is everyone complaining about potholes during the monsoons? Potholes are good and we need to appreciate the government for allowing us to keep them for such long periods of time. Come with me to a dinner party; what do you think everybody’s talking about? Potholes ofcourse. There was a time when people didn’t know what to say to each other once they were introduced, now it’s different: “I just encountered twopot holes on the way here.”