“What’s that noise?” my wife asked, one holiday, sitting at home.

I listened. It was a low far off rumble, and as you listened it grew louder and louder and became increasingly deafening. And then enlightenment came, “Its people talking!” I exclaimed. “It’s a holiday and it’s the sound of all those people in their houses and flats behind us talking!”

A few years ago I was asked if I’d teach the art of public speaking to some people from an economically poor background. That day, I looked at a motley set of people and as I began to speak my heart sank; they looked anything but people who would one day get up and wax eloquent.

Perumal, A. K. De, Jai Sunder and D. Bhattacharya

Animal Science Division

ICAR-Central Island Agricultural Research Institute

Port Blair, Andaman and Nicobar Islands


Reproduction plays an important role in the entire economy of a dairy farm and reproductive failure should be traced out from its source as rapidly as possible. This is only possible, when there is a clear understanding on which factors influence the fertility in dairy cows.

It was while visiting my old choir friends last month, I remembered this incident many years ago: “Sing the solo Bob!” the then conductor had asked me.

“No,” I whispered, “I just want to sit in the choir pew I sat in many decades ago, and thank the God of my dreams!”

“God of your dreams?”

Over two decades ago I lay on a hospital bed with a near fatal illness. It was an airconditioned from and as soon as everybody left after putting me there, I scrambled onto my bed weakly, opened the windows and looked out.

 “Sir,” said a nurse who was passing by, “this is an AC room, the room will get hot!”