By Nazima Parveen

The clouds are dense and heavy, ready to offload the tiny particles of rains. There’s a lot of tussle and bang amongst the raindrops. The reporter and the photographer are there to capture the event. Say cheese and there goes the flash, a forked one!...The cloud can no more contain this restless torrent. The security guard unlatches the exit door…a batch of raindrops say goodbye to their abode, excited to explore the thrill of their rendezvous with “Mama Earth” in sometime.

My phone rang as I drove home one night many years ago. It was from a newspaper I wrote for, “Would you like to interview Evander Holyfield, the boxer?”

 “Ofcourse,” I said and images came to me of a badly bruised boxing heavy weight with a part of his ear in Tyson’s mouth.

His flight was late and as I sat in the hotel lobby, my mind went to pictures I had seen of world championships. Two men in a ring, more animal than human, glaring, eyeballing each other, moving around, their deadly, lethal fists ready to strike through opponent defense to score points or deliver a murderous knock out. Fans screaming round the ring, and millions screaming in front of television sets all the world over. Men excited, blow by blow, women swooning over brute muscle!

By Nazima Parveen


A service unique of its kind to serve the society with knowledge,

They are the backbone right from school to college;


Teachers shape one’s destiny; They touch one’s future;

They mould, carve and design you; The teacher is truly a sculptor;

It is accurately said that it is easy to be an angel when nobody ruffles your feathers. But it seems that feather rufflers will always be around. We're told that 19th Century German statesman Prince Otto von Bismarck once became so incensed at the criticism of a professor, that he challenged him to a duel. Protocol had it that the one challenged was to have the choice of weapons.

The Man in the Moon looked at his wife as she stopped gazing at Earth and stared at him, “What?” he asked, because women whether they were from Earth or Moon, or even from Venus, always had a question on their minds when they gave their men that look, and it was very important that men, whether from Earth or the Moon or even from Mars gave them their full undivided attention, “What?” he asked again.

 “The Indians are over the moon with joy!” she said simply.