“Root canal job, and looks serious!” said the dentist as he peered into my mouth

 “Is it going to be expensive?” I asked.

 “This could take a few visits,” said the doctor as I saw my bank balance sliding purposefully into his lab coat pocket. “Shall we start today?” he asked and I nodded as he smiled to himself.

The trolls of today are like worms from the woodwork! They roam the face of websites, whatsapp groups and have a huge online presence!

In the good ole days, when one read or heard fairytales on one’s mother’s lap, the troll was a dwarf in Scandinavian folklore who dwelt in the hills, small, tiny fellows, who were afraid of the outside world, hid themselves from the public eye, but were mean, nasty and vicious, in the way they carried out little cowardly attacks on people at large, not directly, but behind their backs.

Even as I’m thrilled, Tata’s has bought Air-India, I remember the service I received on a few occasions when I flew business class, “Yes sir! Please sir! What can I do for you sir!” “Will you have lobster for lunch sir, or caviar sir?” “Some champagne to go with your meal sir?”

And it’s not sir all the time, they also call you by name. It’s quite an experience and a delightful one! The seats are huge and comfortable, can be stretched right back and there’s even night clothes so your own won’t get crushed!

Very often we lead double lives, one for people to see and another we think is known only to ourselves. We are the most pious in church or temple, but cheat in business or office or school, and think people don’t know what hypocrites we are. But we may be sadly mistaken!

There lived many years ago a poor family, comprising a woodcutter, his wife and three pretty daughters. The woodcutter would go out in the morning to the forest and work through the day returning in the evening with his measly earnings which was just about enough to feed his family.

God willing, Christmas will be with my daughter in New York, which brings back memories of spending many mornings peering out of her Manhattan window. I remember my thoughts, the last time:

Armed with a hot cup of coffee and inherent curiosity I love spending time, looking out of my bedroom window. It’s going to be an early winter, I reckon, as the cool air rushes in, and I see the temperature is 9 degrees C but this doesn’t stop the joggers from running, keeping fit despite the cold, and then I look with even more amazement as a mother runs pushing her stroller ahead of her. No cold or baby can stop these determined, keep fit folk, and I marvel at their determination! I watch New York’s slim waist lines and realize to conquer this city, you need to conquer yourselves first!